Charm of Calligraphy

Calligraphy has a magical attraction for me. Calligraphy is a unique artistic form of literary beauty in China and the surrounding countries and regions deeply influenced by Chinese culture. Its “Chinese Calligraphy” is a unique traditional art of Chinese characters.
I remember playing at my cousin’s house once. I saw my cousin’s calligraphy works walking with dragon and snake. I admire it very much. I wanted to learn calligraphy very much, so I signed up for Soft Pen Calligraphy Society in school. When I got home, I told my mother, “Mom, I signed up for the Soft Pen Calligraphy Club. The class will begin tomorrow. Take me to buy something that I need to use to learn to write brushes!” Mother said without hesitation, “Okay! Let’s go!” When I arrived at the stationery store, I bought what I needed. Class began, my heart is very excited, like the surging Yellow River, long time can not be calm. Teach my teacher the surname of Fu. Teacher Fu told us to sit with head straight, arms open, body straight and feet flat. Teacher Fu also told us how to hold the pen: “press, press, hook, top, back.” We began to learn basic painting again. We learned “horizontal” and “vertical”. When we write “horizontal”, we first take the pen, the tip of the pen leans to the upper left, then write normally, right or down, try to hold breath or keep breath even, the last pen should be uniform, when we write “horizontal”, we should stop after we reach the position, have the pen style of turning left back, and start at the same time. When writing “vertical”, keep it straight, and when you write down, you can speed up your pen. I wrote a “horizontal” and “vertical”, and I wrote “horizontal” and “vertical” as if they were soldiers who died on the battlefield. They were staggering from side to side. I practiced several of them. Later, I asked Mr. Fu for advice, and Mr. Fu wrote me a picture. I wrote as Mr. Fu did to me. Soon I learned, but I did not write like a dragon snake to my cousin. So I decided to practice calligraphy every day. The end of the semester is approaching. We have to write our best words to compete as works. Through my continuous efforts, we have quickly practiced the works of dragon snakes. When I was reading my cousin’s works,
It feels so simple! But when I write it, it’s very difficult. Whenever I feel it’s very difficult to give up, I think of a famous saying, “As long as I work hard, the pestle can be ground into a needle.” So, in order to practise the good characters of dragon and snake, whenever I am free, I will practise writing brush characters until I reach the realm of dragon and snake.
The truth you insist on is not difficult to understand, but not everyone can do it. In real life, we often see such a situation: some comrades study science, culture and theory with great determination at the beginning, make plans, list bibliographies and research topics for study, but whenever they encounter difficulties and setbacks, they are dismayed and often give up halfway. The reason is the lack of perseverance and indomitable will to overcome difficulties.