Learn to let go

Another Sunday came. I got up early in the morning and dragged the dead party to climb the mountain together. The dead party brought two bottles of water, cameras, fans, backpacks and other big baskets. I drifted a light sentence to the past: “Are you going to buy or climb the mountain?” The dead party cunningly argued, “Get ready.” Go up the hill vigorously, okay! Half way up the hill, the dead party is tired. It’s no wonder that I’m not tired to death when I still climb the rugged mountain road with so many things. I’m thinking so much about listening to the dead party complaining on the side, and finally I can’t go down the hill under her curse.
“Knot Lu in the human world, without the noise of cars and horses, ask you to go far from your heart, gather Chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan.” In a quiet afternoon, drinking a cup of tea, the reader’s great poet Tao Yuanming’s “Drinking” seems to have really entered the mood of leisurely complacency. When we envy the leisurely and complacent life of Tao Da poet, we do not understand the reason.
When Tao Yuan was young next year, his family was humble. He lost his father at the age of nine and spent time with his mother and sister. During his teenage years, he had the ambition of “forgetting all over the world and thinking long and diligently”. When he entered the officialdom, he was full of talent, but his nature was indifferent. He resigned and returned home because he could not get used to the bad style in the officialdom. But he still insists on reading and writing poems when his family is poor and unable to make ends meet. He is full of splendor, wealth and nobility, pursuing serenity and nobleness, and becomes a hermit of all ages. All of this is because he wants to find the pure land in his heart and get better things.
The development of modern society is like a rocket, so fast that many people have adapted to this fast-paced life. There are few estimates like Tao Yuanming. In the modern business world, many people are cheating on themselves to get more material satisfaction. Many people have succeeded in climbing and rolling, standing at the top of what they think of as life, looking down proudly at the people stealing envious eyes for them. But they do not really stand on the top of life, because they carry too much, honor, wealth, beauty and even greed towards power, but want so much, can you sure climb that peak? The more impossible the burden is, the harder it will be to walk in the climbing process, thinking that the master said: ” If you carry too much, you’ll be too tired. Why don’t you put it down?”Yeah, why do people always make themselves so tired? Can’t you put it down to make yourself more relaxed and feel better?
Obviously, most of the world did not care about this. Lu Xun, a writer at the University of the Republic of China, has great accomplishments in medicine and many outstanding achievements in many aspects. If he had stayed in Japan, he might have better prospects, but he did not stay in Japan, but would have come to China, which is already close to withering, to abandon medicine and to pursue literature. To heal the numbness of the nation. His efforts can be seen, we can not be so tired, we can be more relaxed, but why not? In the climbing process, do not see a stone to feel treasure, do not see a branch to think of gold bars, life is a long way, longer than the Great Wall, life is very rugged, more difficult than Mount Everest, walking. On the way, learn to put down something you don’t need to take. You can walk better and more easily. The Buddha said, “Give up and get back.” You can get more and better if you leave.