Grandpa, I love you

Forget, deep in memory; blurred, clear in the picture; dissipated, fragrance in the soil. Summer rains swept the red clay hilltops, and thunder and thunder shook and twinkled loudly. Oh! That’s a sunny day! Time, time, unexpectedly so ruthless, past affection in time is so bleak, what are the most important memories of the rotation of the rings?
That summer, it was a clear sky. It was a new morning. Birds were singing and flowers were fragrant. Cooking smoke was curling. The morning in the countryside was so peaceful. The clouds came and went in a hurry. The weather in the countryside was changing rapidly. Everything is the same. Everything has not changed. The details in my memory are so profound.
Grandpa got up, with the sound of coughing and the strong smell of dry smoke, got up. Grandpa still burned the fire, still sitting by the fire quietly burning tea, baking steamed bread. The sound of fire, the sound of boiling water and the crackling sound of dry wood woke me up, who was still sleeping soundly at that time. After all, I stepped into my schoolbag and walked on the rough road to school. The summer morning was really warm and the sunshine was faint. Now the weather in the countryside began to change.
At the foot of the pace of the faster and faster, gradually going abroad to study online school is near. All of a sudden, the leaves of several cypress trees on campus have begun to play music, and the musicians under the eaves are no less impressive. Rain, sudden, rain, downpour, rain, torrential does not stop, the dried-up stream outside the campus is also boiling at this time. Seeing that noon has arrived, the rain is getting heavier and heavier, there is no meaning to stop. When you go out in the morning and don’t have the relevant equipment ready, you can only go home at noon. The muddy road is not easy to walk, and most of them are repaired at the edge of the mountain ditch, so the danger is even higher.
That deep memory was permanently buried in my heart at that time, and that unforgettable detail was fixed at that time.
The rain was still raining, and the school bell rang at noon, which was more disgusting than the bell on sunny days. The familiar voice penetrated into my ears through the rain curtain. The cough that wakes me up every morning. In the smoke and rain, the familiar black figure, the black canvas umbrella older than my age, temporarily calmed down, Grandpa came to pick me up. Through the layers of rain curtains, I finally came to Grandpa. At this moment, I was a little sad. On Grandpa’s face, the drops of water were ticking, the hard wrinkles became more severe, and the gray hair on the temples grew a lot white. I got into my umbrella and greeted as usual. Three miles are filled with the fragrance of dry smoke. Somehow, in my memory, that piece of cigarette is sweet and fragrant. At noon that day, our grandfather and grandson joined hands with each other and walked to their dream home. That afternoon, Grandpa had been lying on the kang, smoking a lot of dry smoke, warming under the quilt, coughing louder, and the frequency was faster.
Maybe I was not sensible at that time, but I didn’t understand human feelings. Now, whenever it rained, the memory of that moment will always appear. That feeling is more affectionate than the joy of not getting wet, and more tangled than Grandpa’s cough.
The drizzle of rain reminds me of that forgotten memory. In the village with changeable weather, there is an old man who smokes dry tobacco and loves tea. The heavy rain reminds us of the unforgettable details. In that deep detail, there is an unforgettable picture – Grandpa in the rain curtain.