Men want to buy houses in Hangzhou, 1.8 million are gone! _ Liu Mou

Mr. Chen (pseudonym) of Yuhang was buying a house
I met a noble person to help me.
The other side claimed to be “the second generation of the rich”.
Friends of shareholders of a real estate company in China,
Not only through relationships
Easy access to housing at a discount price.
And it can be unrestricted by relevant conditions.
Mr. Chen believed it.
As a result, more than 1.8 million yuan was cheated successively.
The five permanent police stations of Yuhang Public Security Bureau have been carefully investigated.
The case was successfully solved.
Home Purchase Plan
Things have to start from last year. Mr. Chen’s hometown is in the north. After graduation from university, he went to work in a company in Yuhang. He always wanted to have a house of his own. He worked hard for many years and saved a lot of money. After discussing with his family, he planned to buy a commercial house in Hangzhou, but he was distressed by many failures.
In early November 2018, Mr. Chen’s favorite building is about to open. Mr. Chen has carefully understood it before and after. The community has complete supporting facilities, beautiful environment and good reputation for property. The key is to be close to the unit. However, Mr. Chen has no bottom in his mind when buying a house.
“VIP” Help
After all, buying a house is a big event. Mr. Chen sometimes talks with relatives and friends. Shortly after, Mr. Chen learned from his friend that a woman named Liu Mou had a “relationship” with the real estate company. In order to buy a house smoothly, Mr. Chen contacted each other.
Through exchanges, Liu learned the urgent need for Mr. Chen to buy a house. She told Mr. Chen that she was a wealthy second generation, and her parents gave 1 million yuan a month for pocket money. She had friends who knew high-level people in the real estate company, and the real estate company owed money to her. She could not only get low-cost housing, but also not be restricted by the relevant conditions. So she did not ask for help at all. But you have to pay 10,000 yuan as a relationship fee first.
Mr. Chen was overjoyed to hear what the other party said. As long as he could buy a house successfully, it was okay to spend a little money, so he beat the money away without saying a word.
A few days later, Mr. Chen’s mood fluctuated and he had no idea about going to work. He looked forward to the new house. He picked up his mobile phone from time to time to see if Liu had given him good news. He wanted to make a phone call to inquire about the situation. He was worried that it was not so easy for others to make some connections, and it was not easy for him to rush.
Fall into a trap
Shortly after, Liu finally brought good news: the house has been basically settled, as long as a deposit of 1 million yuan, the next two weeks will be able to sign a purchase agreement, she also suggested that Mr. Chen can bring his parents together to choose a house, and then again asked for 10,000 yuan relationship fee.
Seeing that things had fallen, a stone in Mr. Chen’s heart was finally laid down, thinking that he would soon have his own new house, and he transferred one million yuan to Liu Mou.
However, when Mr. Chen’s parents arrived in Hangzhou from their hometown, Liu Mou told Mr. Chen with regret that because Mr. Chen’s preferred household size was too short, for the sake of insurance, they had to pay the full amount and enjoy a 50% discount. Looking at the success of the purchase is a step away, thinking about it, Mr. Chen bites his teeth, scraping together 750,000 yuan, the rest of the money by Chen promised to help advance payment.
Knowing that he was cheated
In the next few months, Mr. Chen’s family proposed to look at the house, but Liu Mou all gave up for various reasons, such as friends of the real estate company having something to do, getting married, dealing with relatives’funerals, and not having a proper relationship. Finally, he simply played “disappearance”, and Mr. Chen’s family suddenly realized that they had been deceived, so they immediately called the police.
After receiving the police, Yuhang Public Security Department immediately launched an investigation, quickly locked the suspect Liu Mou’s foothold, arrested him in the lower city of Hangzhou, Liu confessed to the crime.
After examination, the suspect, Liu Mou, 36, Jiangsu, is an ordinary employee of a product sales company in Hangzhou. In order to satisfy her vanity, from December 2018 to July 2019, she has been using aliases to package the “rich second generation” people. She has repeatedly cheated more than 1.8 million yuan from Mr. Chen. After cheating to money, Liu spent 500,000 yuan to buy it. The company’s products are used to improve performance, while the rest of the money buys a lot of luxury goods.