New King of FPX! FPX3-1 win over RNG win the LPL Summer Final

Beijing time September 6, experienced a summer of scuffle, in this season irresistible FPX Mercedes-Benz Center in Shanghai 3-1 victory over the veteran powerful RNG, won the first league championship since the establishment of the team, and entered the 2019 World Championship as the first seed of the LPL competition area.
FPX, the first league champion in two years, became the eighth LPL champion team
FPX won the championship
FPX E-Sports Club was founded in 2017. Like many teams that just entered LPL, in the 17 years and 18 years since its establishment, their achievements are not particularly outstanding. Their achievements linger in the middle and lower reaches of the League for a long time. Unyielding FPX experienced restructuring in 2019, introducing the former QG, RW trump card single Doinb, the strength has made a qualitative leap, the spring Tigers returned, although in the final round of the playoffs, JDG was only third, but after the rest of the off-season, the summer FPX was stronger. FPX also became the only team to beat LCK in the final of the Intercontinental Games in 2019. At the same time, FPX has become the eighth League champion team in LPL League history, following OMG, PE, EDG, LGD, RNG, WE and iG.
LPL015 Player Crisp Gets Final FMVP
At the end of the competition, Crisp, the assistant player, also got FMXP for the finals. Crisp joined OMG with Kuroko’s ID in 2014 and began his career. Although he and his team did not achieve exceptional results in the early stages of his career, after a few years of silence, he finally waited for Doinb in 2019 to achieve a magnificent reversal of his career. Although he didn’t have MVP in the summer regular season, the FMMVP was well-deserved in the four finals. Especially in the final game, his Titan helped the team to open up the situation in the glue period many times, and won the game with one hammer and one hammer.
500 + 300 RNG down-road duo make history
In this BO5, RNG’s downstream duo Uzi and Ming won 300 appearances in 500 LPL leagues respectively. Uzi is still active in LPL as an old veteran, since S2 joined the old royal family, has always maintained a super high level of competition. The record of 500 League appearances has also steadily occupied the top record of LPL players. After Ming’s transfer from YM to RNG, he spent most of his time with Uzi at LPL, and his 300 appearances have made him a reliable part of the RNG team.
The first game bloody surge RNG perfect operation first next city
First round BP
There was a fierce collision between the two sides at level 1, and Lwx’s Kasha was killed and bled. Five minutes later, the two teams launched another small-scale group battle in Hongfangye District. Doinb’s operation was inadvertently killed. Ten minutes, Tian found a wave of opportunities in the next road, killing RNG two groups to recover the previous disadvantage. Subsequently, RNG four people packed off the road, replacing FPX Nobu.
In the early stage, RNG got 3,000 economic advantages, 23 minutes. With the advantage in the early stage, RNG won Dalong. RNG, which took Buff, pushed forward and removed the FPX highland in 26 minutes. In 28 minutes, RNG was forced to open a regiment near the highland of the road by FPX, which killed four RNG people and slowed down the pace of RNG propulsion. Then FPX killed Karsa in the middle and replaced the dragon with two resurrected crystals. 38 minutes, get the RNG of the ancient dragon to destroy FPX in the middle route group and push out the crystal.
The second game Lwx Kasha eight kills Superstar FPX unwilling to show weakness to pull back a city
Second round BP
Six minutes later, the two teams collided underneath. The two sides fought in the field and joined the regiment alone. FPX took the lead in killing Karsa and got a blood. In 12 minutes, FPX took the lead in standing in Xiaolongkeng’s field of vision, taking the Earth Dragon and playing a wave 1 for 4. In 21 minutes, FPX killed four RNG men in the middle again, and then FPX took Dalong. Get the FPX of Big Dragon Buff and break the RNG two ways.
In 27 minutes, FPX pushed into the middle highland crystal. After a wave of pulling between the two sides, the FPX with huge economic advantages killed four RNG people, pushed the base down and pulled back one game.
In the third game, the FPX bounced back and forth to get the match point.
Third round BP
Early FPX captain was targeted, Karsa and Langx cooperated to kill Gim Goon to get blood. Nine minutes later, the two men wrapped it up again. Gim Goon’s two fists were defeated by four hands, and he was killed again. Sixteen minutes later, Gim Goon was killed for the third time on the sideline. The two sides exchanged towers and FPX took the vanguard of the canyon.
After nearly 30 minutes of stalemate, RNG found a wave of opportunities to steal the dragon. RNG with Dalong has gained some advantages. Rejuvenate the ancient dragon by dragging it to 35 minutes again. Karsa and two of his teammates were killed when he grabbed the ancient dragon from the Dragon Pit under the barrel E. The desired wave of FPX is destroyed by RNG clusters near the crystal. RNG pushed all the way to FPX and was killed by the resurrected FPX. Four FPX men pushed RNG Heights off and finished the race.
Fourth game FPX team won the top of LPL League in two years
Fourth round BP
Conflict broke out again between the two sides at the first level, and FPX assisted Crisp to send blood. Both sides went on to single the Imperial City PK, Gim Goon single-handedly succeeded, but after the revival of Langx, the TP line was subjected to military training. Eight minutes later, the two sides launched a 3V3 battle near the Second Tower of Lanfang Shanglu Road, and RNG exchanged waves for two. Get the canyon pioneer’s FPX and RNG exchange a tower up and down the road, hand-held Canyon pioneer’s FPX all the way to the highlands.
Fourteen minutes, FPX took the lead in the middle of the first difficult to play a wave of two for three. Twenty-six minutes later, RNG found an opportunity to take the lead in killing FPX ADC Lwx in the middle of the road, and the two economies remained balanced. Thirty-two minutes later, FPX killed three RNG people near the grasses on the middle road and took the dragon. 42 minutes, get the FPX of Shuanglong Club in the middle highway tower