Football coaches molest players

Athletes, always give a strong, sunny feeling, so that people feel that their life should be full of vitality, no one is afraid of the feeling!
In fact, they will encounter a variety of problems, and even be hurt!
Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that Chen Guanghong, head coach of Jiangsu women from 2005 to 2006, and Ling Yuyang, assistant teacher, had serious economic problems and lifestyle problems during their tenure.
The source said that during her tenure as head coach, Chen Guanghong often threatened and tricked the team members to strip off their clothes. If she did not comply, she would inflict all kinds of retaliatory abuse on them, even persuade them to withdraw and dismiss the team members.
Chen Guanghong and his assistant, Ling Yuyang, often impose huge fines on the players. If they dare not pay the fines, they will not take the players for training and force them to withdraw from the team. They also asked the parents of the players for property many times.
According to statistics, players have to pay at least 200,000 to 300,000 if they want to stay in the team. Moreover, the training subsidy paid by the players from the provincial Football Association Management Center was also forced to be handed over to the coaching group.
This kind of coach can be said to have reached the point of lawlessness! The use of juvenile football hobbies, extortion, and even indecent players, to the young children formed a very bad impact!
This coach also belongs to the “wolf” coach, usually in training bad temper, rough personality, always will slap the players! Don’t treat the players as human beings at all!
Hobbies are a hobby after all, although we can make a lot of efforts for it, but also to adhere to their bottom line! Like Chen Guanghong, when he finds out that he extorts money, molests children, beats and abuses children at will, he should report it in time. He can’t ignore the dignity of children because he wants to play football, and cause psychological shadow to children.
For such coaches and their assistants, I sincerely hope that they can be severely punished, but also like football children a fair!