Three junior high school girls died on the 18th floor: they committed suicide hand in hand

On September 8, three girls fell from the upper floor of a residential area in Chongqing.

When the incident occurred in Chongqing, an insider revealed that the incident suddenly heard the loud noise of objects in the community, and the sound was very loud, and the residents upstairs were alarmed.

“There was a loud bang, and I was scared to death.” Some residents said this.

Nearby residents looked out from the window, but found that on the second floor of the shelter platform, faintly saw three petite figures.

Another insider said that three junior high school girls, holding hands from the 18th floor fell. In the evening, the community was cloudy and rainy, and there was a short-term voltage instability.

Subsequently, the fire, police and 120 rushed to the scene, after an hour of rescue, the three were sent to the ambulance. At the time, the three had no vital signs.

Currently, relevant information is being further confirmed.