IS leader was killed


According to a comprehensive report, a senior US Department of Defense official and a person familiar with the matter said that the leader of the extremist organization “Islamic State” Baghdadi is believed to have been killed in a raid on the 26th by the US military in northwestern Syria. Two sources said the final confirmation is in progress with DNA and bioassays.

US defense officials say Baghdadi seems to have detonated a suicide vest during the raid. The defense official said that the US CIA helped determine the position of the “Islamic State” leader.

According to reports, the US Newsweek first reported the relevant news of Baghdadi. “Newsweek” said that US President Trump approved the action nearly a week before the action.

A US military official who understands the results of the operation said that Baghdadi was killed in the raid. The US Department of Defense told the White House that they are “highly convinced” that the important target of being killed is Baghdadi, but further verification is still in progress.

On the evening of the 26th local time, Trump said on social media, “There has just been a big event!” The White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley subsequently announced that US President Trump is scheduled to be released at 9 am on the 27th. Important statement. An administrative official told CNN that the announcement was related to foreign policy.

The report pointed out that the US Department of Defense did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

It is alleged that the leader of the extremist group Baghdadi has been hiding for five years. In April 2019, an extremist media branch released a video. In the video, there is a man who claims to be Baghdadi. It is said that this is the first time since Baghdadi’s speech in July 2014.

In February 2018, several US officials said that Baghdadi was injured in an air strike in May 2017. Due to the injury, he had to give up control of the extremist organization for five months.