Eason Chan cancels the concert

On November 2, following Jay Chou’s announcement that the Hong Kong concert will be postponed, Eason Chan announced that the Hong Kong concert will be cancelled. All 25 concerts scheduled to be held will be cancelled and refunds will be arranged. The relevant refund arrangements will be announced on December 18, 2019.
The organizer of Eason Chan concert made the following statement:
“Eason Chan’s ear and dreams Hong Kong Concert 19 / 20 is Eason’s first big Hong Kong Concert six years after he left the red chamber. After months of rehearsals, everything is ready on the stage and behind the scenes. We should present the best performances to the long-awaited fans.
But in view of the recent situation, considering that the concert will be held in two weeks, we really can’t predict and guarantee the safety of the audience and related transportation during the 25 performances. After many discussions with partners, today announced the cancellation of all 25 concerts originally scheduled for Hong Kong Stadium in Hung Hom and the refund of tickets will be arranged.
This decision is extremely difficult for us. Apart from the loss of time, effort, effort and economy, we also bear the disappointment and loss of nearly 200000 audiences and singers. Due to the large number of audiences, the complexity of applying for concert venue and scheduling cooperation of performers, we are sorry that we are unable to make a commitment for the rescheduled performance.
We apologize for the cancellation. Please understand. We appreciate the fans’ support for eason. I hope that in the future, I can successfully apply for the schedule of the red chamber again, so that Eason can bring you a more perfect performance in the red chamber.