Li Shishi is invincible to AI

South Korean go player Lee Shishi Jiu Duan played a duel game with go AI “handol” in his hometown of Shinan County, quanluonan Road, South Korea, Tuesday. Li Shishi failed to defeat Han Dou in the case of accepting his two sons, and his career ended in failure.
The match started at about 12:10 and lasted for 4 hours and 20 minutes. Li Shishi sticks to the black sticker with 7 and a half items, and accepts the two sons according to the rules. After the opening of the market, Li Shishi paid more attention to building a strong momentum. He changed his habitual chess style and adopted a more conservative approach. In the middle game of white chess, Li Shishi broke the conventional thinking. He looked flustered for a while, but he fought back against the difficulties.
The two sides fought in disorder in the lower right corner of the chessboard, and Li Shishi was hesitant for many times. After a long time of thinking, he made a good hand under the second line to revive black chess. The fierce fight between the two sides continued to the top of the chessboard, and Li Shishi stopped “Han Dou”. However, white chess easily broke through the black chess encirclement net, and Li Shishi finally conceded in 180 pitches.
The “brain game cup” go competition has three games, and the final result is that the AI “Han Dou” won 2:1. This is the second time that Li Shishi lost to AI after playing with “Alpha dog”. In the first set held in Seoul on the 18th, Li Shishi got the two sons to beat “Han Dou” and won the first game. The second set was held on the 19th. Li Shishi threw in his son for three hours after canceling the concession.
In 1995, at the age of 12, Li Shishi first entered the chess world and embarked on the path of professional go. On November 19 this year, he submitted his resignation to the Korean Chess Academy and officially announced his retirement.