Trump bombards apple

Phoenix technology news Beijing time February 18, according to Appleinsider, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is really not a fuel-efficient light, because Apple refused the FBI’s order to cooperate with the police to unlock the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter, the “big mouth” candidate once again to Apple Fruit cannon.
“Why didn’t Apple let us into the killer’s cell phone?” trump said in an interview? How old are they! We’re going to turn this phone on! “
Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook published an open letter about the noisy unlocking incident. He said that the FBI wanted apple to develop a new version of IOS, bypass several important security functions, and install it into the iPhone involved during the investigation. But if the system falls into the wrong hands, it is possible to unlock any iPhone, which is a dangerous precedent.
“The FBI may use other languages to describe this tool, but don’t get it wrong: developing a new version of IOS in this way that bypasses security features will definitely leave a back door,” cook wrote in an open letter. Although the government may argue that the use of the system is limited to this case, no one can guarantee it. “
But trump doesn’t buy it, he said: “this is a case we have to solve, and it’s imperative to unlock mobile phones. We have to find out the truth and the cause of the incident. Maybe there are other criminals involved. They may have a bigger plot. “
At present, the iPhone 5C left at the scene of the crime has been encrypted and locked. Although this is an old iPhone, the FBI is still unable to crack it. If the wrong password is entered too many times, the data on the phone will be cleared. As the events continue to ferment, I wonder if Apple will finally change its attitude.