Members of Han cult have been to Wuhan

According to CCTV news, South Korea’s central epidemic prevention counterpart, Minister of the Ministry of corruption, said in March 1st that the central preventive measures Department has confirmed by the Ministry of justice that some believers in the Korean New World church visited Wuhan in January this year. According to the Ministry of justice of South Korea, 3160 believers from Korea’s new world church entered Korea from China last July 1st to February 27th this year. 42 of them came from Wuhan. However, the Ministry of justice did not disclose the information of believers in Xintiandi who entered Wuhan from January to February this year.
Quan Yu Yu said there were not many followers in the Xintiandi church who visited Wuhan in January this year, and are still under investigation. At present, 2249 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in South Korea are identified in 2249 of the new territories.