Testimony of Sun Yang’s mother

On March 4, CAS official website released the arbitration report, which showed that Sun Yang smashed the test bottle with a hammer during the drug test, and Sun Yang tore up the doping test form.
According to the report, the incident happened on the night of September 4-5, during which there was a dispute at the residence of Sun Yang, an athlete. Some of the incidents happened on the night of doping test were monitored and recorded, including the damaged part of blood test bottles.
According to the report, on the night of the test, when the doping examiner reminded the athletes that no IDTM materials could be left behind, the athletes instructed their entourage to break a glass container in order to get the blood sample, so that DCO could retrieve the damaged container instead of taking the blood sample. The security guard damaged the blood test bottle with a hammer. Sun Yang lit the test bottle with a flashlight on his mobile phone. The inner container was intact and Sun Yang took it away.
As a result of these events that night, the final test personnel failed to collect blood and urine samples, so there will be no analysis report. According to the arbitration team, Dr. Bazhen kept a blood test tube, but now there is no way to test it, because the external container has been damaged.
Since then, in the presence of doping inspectors, Sun Yang tore up the doping checklist that had been signed before.