The first outbreak of school cluster infection in Taiwan

Taiwan’s novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, has been the first to be suspended from a 20 to 27 day in a high school in Taiwan, the 19 daily newspaper reported.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in a high school student in northern Taiwan (fifty-ninth cases) and the class was suspended. Taiwan’s epidemic command center today (19) confirmed that classmates of the senior high school students have also been diagnosed and have reached the school suspension standard. Pan Wenzhong, head of Taiwan’s education department, said 1650 students and 154 teaching staff of the school were affected and will conduct 50% online courses and 50% independent online learning.
According to the suspension standard set by the Education Department of the Taiwan authorities, if one teacher and student in class one is listed as a confirmed case by the epidemic command center in Taiwan, the class will be suspended. More than two teachers and students of a school were listed as confirmed cases by the epidemic situation command center of Taiwan, and the school suspended classes.
According to reports, the high school student in Northern Taiwan traveled with his family in Greece in January, returned to Taiwan on March 5, suffered from sore throat on March 12, went to hospital on March 13 due to cough, runny nose, headache and other symptoms, and was diagnosed on March 15. The student’s class was suspended for 14 days from March 16.