Possible false cure

I met a novel coronavirus pneumonia cured in all outpatients at the outpatient clinic, and a 70 year old man in three of the three cases was more serious. A front-line doctor from Wuhan reported to the health client reporter of people’s daily. Fuyang, also known as the cured patient, has a recurrent condition.
There are indeed some cases of “Fuyang”
The doctor said, “the condition of this family before the three is not serious. After being treated in the designated hospital, they are discharged immediately after meeting the discharge standard. However, after being discharged from the hospital, they have symptoms again. They come to our hospital’s outpatient clinic for reexamination, and the results are positive. They have all been hospitalized for treatment. One of them is more serious than before, and they have also been rescued.”
Yu Chengbo, the head of the medical team of the first aid medical team in Zhejiang Province and the chief physician of the infection department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, also told the people’s daily health client reporter that he had also encountered some cases of “recovery of Yang” after being cured and discharged from hospital.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to have a fever in the early March. A 68 year old man came to our hospital and told us that he had been infected with new crown pneumonia before being treated in the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital for 22 days and discharged after discharge. However, fever appeared after 8 days. Yu Chengbo introduced that after the previous treatment combined with the patient’s own situation, we analyzed that the patient may have some basic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, so it is easy to have some mixed infection. At present, the patient has been cured and discharged again, and the subsequent observation has been stable.
Why can there be “Fuyang” patients?
“There is no direct relationship between the” recovery of Yang “and the severity of the disease. It should be a case that the disease becomes worse after the recovery of Yang than before.” Yu Chengbo told the health client of people’s Daily that the so-called “recovery of Yang” is more likely to be that although the patient met the discharge standard, there are still viruses in the body, especially in the lower respiratory tract, which caused some relapses.
From the current clinical experience, this part of patients may be because the virus is not completely cleared, resulting in repeated illness.
Yu Chengbo introduced that according to the infection law of most viruses, if they are completely eliminated in the body, they will not “recover Yang” in the near future, so the so-called “recover Yang” patients should not have a real clinical cure at present, because the virus may still exist in the lower respiratory tract, but there may be deviation in the detection and sampling of nucleic acid itself, and there will be sampling differences.
How to deal with the patients with “Fuyang”?
“According to the current clinical experience, there are two main conditions for patients with” Fuyang “. One is that most of the symptoms are not serious after the so-called” Fuyang “, and they can be cured and discharged again after treatment and observation. But it is also true that some patients’ condition is more serious after “recovery of Yang” Yu Chengbo said that if the virus “recovers Yang” and the condition worsens, it may be because the patient also has some basic diseases, which leads to the recurrence of the disease.
“We all know that patients with home-based isolation are allowed to go home for isolation in the early stage of Wuhan’s treatment and discharge, but in the later stage, it will become centralized isolation, and the isolation points are equipped with medical staff, because there are indeed changes in the condition after discharge.” A medical staff who has been fighting in the front line of Wuhan told the people’s daily health client reporter, but from the current clinical experience, a small number of patients may be due to the incomplete elimination of the virus, limited testing methods, resulting in repeated illness.
“At present,” Fuyang “patients in clinical practice have a strong sense of prevention, because they have the experience of last infection and treatment in hospital, once the symptoms of discomfort do not drag for a long time, and at present, the relevant departments in Wuhan will pay more attention to Fuyang cases, and will soon be admitted for investigation and treatment.” Yu Chengbo reminded that in the face of a small number of patients who have recovered Yang at present, there is no need to panic. However, it is recommended that all patients who have been cured and discharged should be followed up with a virus antibody test in the hospital one month later.