Some healthy people carry virus

In April 6th, in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference in Beijing, Wang Chengshuo, Beijing Tongren Hospital’s nasal department deputy director, made 9 hints on how to do personal protection in the willow catkins season.
Wang chengshuo said that from April to early May every year in Beijing, willow catkins are flying. At the same time, flowers are blooming in spring and there are many allergens such as pollen, which bring inconvenience to people’s travel and life and discomfort to some sensitive people. As the pollen grains of poplar and willow, willow catkins have certain sensitization, which is the early spring sensitization pollen in Beijing. According to the existing research, there is no evidence to prove the existence of new coronavirus in willow catkins. However, during willow catkins, some allergic patients will have nasal allergy symptoms. In order to do a good job in daily health protection, the following tips are given:

  1. At this stage, it is encouraged to wear masks when going out, whether it is to prevent and control viruses or pollen allergens such as willow catkins. Disposable medical mask can play a protective role; when you go out, try not to wear a coat that is easy to adhere to the flocs.
  2. Wash hands as soon as possible after going out and returning, clean the nose and face, and clean the catkins on the coat in time.
  3. When exercising outdoors, try to choose a time when there is less catkins, such as in the morning, at night or after the rain, when the amount of catkins is significantly reduced.
  4. During the high incidence period of willow catkins, the window opening time should be reduced as much as possible, and the catkins in the room should be cleaned or watered in time, especially the catkins attached to the surface of heating appliances such as electric heaters, furniture and floor; the catkins in the room can be cleaned in time by using vacuum cleaners.
  5. Do not dry the clothes outdoors to prevent the flying batts from sticking to the clothes.
  6. The daily diet is mainly light, drink more water, eat more fruits, vegetables and other food, and eat less spicy and stimulating food.
  7. Clean the interior of the car regularly and clean the flying flocs and dust in the car in time.
  8. Pay attention to the fire safety. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts and open fire to ignite flying catkins.
  9. The climate in spring is dry, which is easy to cause fire and fidgety. Pay attention to adjust the mood and keep a healthy and peaceful state of mind.
    In addition, sensitive people can log into the website of China Meteorological Network or Beijing wechat to inquire about the pollen dispersion in the air of media to prepare for travel. At the same time, remind the public friends, if you have any discomfort, please see a doctor in time.