Reappearance of collective infection in Japanese hospitals

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 12 hospitals in Tokyo, China, according to a 13 day report from Japan’s “Daily News”. It has confirmed 87 cases of new crown pneumonia on the same day, and 92 cases have been diagnosed. Before that, a hospital in Taidong district had a total of 163 confirmed cases and 20 deaths.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Tokyo, China’s central and southern Africa, reported to the health department 1 days ago that the new suspected pneumonia symptoms such as fever were present in the hospital in Gutian, China’s central and southern Africa. 4 days, the new crown virus test was positive in 5 of the patients in the hospital. About 100 patients and medical staff in the hospital were then tested, and 87 of them were diagnosed on the 12th. Most of the confirmed patients are currently in hospital. Since the hospital’s patients are mainly elderly, the Tokyo Metropolitan Health Department is investigating whether there are serious patients and deaths. Jianggutian hospital has 173 beds and has suspended receiving patients from Friday, according to information released on its website.
In addition, 163 cases were confirmed in Yongshou general hospital in Taitung District, Tokyo, including 94 patients, 69 medical staff and 20 deaths.
A total of 166 newly confirmed cases were reported in Tokyo on December 12, of which 64 cases were confirmed by unknown routes of infection, with a total of 2068 cases and 42 deaths.