Suggestions on rectifying the atmosphere of entertainment industry

The Shandong delegation to the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a group meeting on the 23rd. Song Wenxin, deputy to the National People’s Congress and vice president of Taishan secondary school of cultural industry in Tai’an City, Shandong Province, highlighted “rice circle culture” in his speech. He suggested rectifying the bad atmosphere in the entertainment industry, guiding the performance stars to become “positive energy idols” and shouldering the social responsibility of guiding the mainstream values of the minors.
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People’s daily people’s review: build a healthy and upward fan culture
As a cultural consumption community, fan groups and their activities have formed a new media landscape, enriching the cultural patterns of our times
The formation of a healthy fan culture depends on everyone ‘s rational behavior, polite behavior and civilized language
In recent years, from online “listing”, to the formation of “fan economy”, to the planning of their own cultural products, the fans group with young people as the main body is no longer a passive recipient of the cultural and entertainment industry, but an active participant and even producer. How to build a healthy and up-to-date fan culture, so that more people can understand and accept this group, and trigger people’s thinking.
People still remember that at the beginning of reform and opening up, a tape, a poster and a movie could form a group of “star chasers”. Nowadays, from movies to TV series, from variety shows to live webcasts, from concerts to meetings, diversified forms of cultural entertainment, and the development of network technology, young fans have a more open choice space. And the way of “chasing stars” has also changed from the bottom-up admiration to more direct contact; from the communication mostly confined in private space and acquaintance circle in the past to the more flat interaction between fans with social media as the carrier. In this sense, as a cultural consumption community, fan groups and their activities have formed a new media landscape, enriching the cultural patterns of our times.
For young people, what and how to “powder” is the key. According to media reports, in 2018, the total annual number of entertainment star fans on Weibo reached 16.7 billion. In the face of such a huge cultural consumer group, there is an urgent need for positive guidance. We need to see that many people still have a relatively negative impression of fan groups, which is equivalent to “lack of rationality”. Offline, there are also a small number of fans who make bad behavior due to their passion for stars, such as ignoring privacy, disturbing order, etc. This suggests that for the society, we should improve the tolerance, accept and standardize the development of fan culture, guide young people to pursue the “stars” with positive sunshine and rich connotation; for the fans, the formation of a healthy fan culture depends on everyone’s rational behavior, polite behavior and civilized language requirements.
To give positive guidance to fan culture, we need to enlarge its positive side on the basis of in-depth understanding of this group. It has been pointed out that today’s fan community is a kind of “Participatory” and “companion” Star chaser. Positive guidance of this enthusiasm is conducive to encouraging young people to increase their motivation of “becoming a better self” by benchmarking their idols. A survey shows that the post-90s and post-00s fans have higher education level and stronger self-discipline. A fan may be a hard-working company employee, a professional photographer, and an imaginative painting designer. In recent years, in all kinds of fan groups, fans have shown civilized and orderly self-control and a good sense of order. At the social level, from caring for children with hearing impairment to improving the learning environment of children in poverty-stricken mountainous areas, from giving free lunches to city cleaners to donating love books, the positive energy brought by fans gradually presents and enlarges, and is recognized by people.
“Let’s make” love beans “(fans call idols) better together with us.”. The voice of fans also requires stars to demand themselves with higher standards, so as to truly become young people’s “idols” in all aspects. For example, some stars encourage fans to read more and read good books, making reading a habit of more and more young people, and also making famous works popular among more young people; some stars drive fans to learn Chinese traditional culture, so that traditional culture is known and spread by young groups; some fans, driven by stars, participate in environmental protection, public welfare and other public undertakings, making people feel By warm and sunny fans, and so on. It is expected that more fans will gather together by their favorite idols to create a more colorful entertainment landscape and form a richer cultural ecology.
Deputy director of CAAC: no fans gathering airport transfer
On May 24, Li Jian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said in an interview that in recent years, there have been fan pickup planes and airport photo taking. The airport is a service place for public transport. It is necessary to ensure the smooth access of passengers. Too many fans’ congestion may affect the normal service and order of the airport, and also cause unnecessary disputes.