Determination of the tomb of gambling king

Mr Ho died Tuesday at the age of 98. According to Hong Kong media reports, his funeral will be set on July 9, and on July 10, he will be buried in the family cemetery, Zhaoyuan cemetery. The location of Mr Ho’s grave has been chosen, just next to his father’s and his mother’s, as well as his long-term daughter’s.
According to reports, Mr. Ho’s funeral was jointly organized by several family members. After discussion, he decided to hold a private funeral first, and then send off his relatives, and then hold a memorial service in Hong Kong and Macao respectively. Due to the time needed to prepare for the funeral and the impact of the epidemic, his family originally intended to hold a private funeral at the Hong Kong funeral home within two or three weeks, but now it is determined to postpone it to July 10. In addition, Hong Kong’s memorial service is expected to be held in the exhibition center, while the location of Macao’s memorial service has been selected and will be held in Macao’s tourist tower.
Today (29) afternoon, the eldest daughter of Mr. Ho’s second room, Mr. Ho chaoqiong, accompanied by staff, went to the Hong Kong funeral home to deal with his father’s death. About 45 minutes later, he chaoqiong walked out of the funeral hall with his sister, he Chaofeng and he Chaofan.