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Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by over 6 million 910 thousand in June 7th and more than 400 thousand deaths were reported at 16:33 p.m. in the afternoon.
Only a safe and effective vaccine can bring an end to this global disaster.
Vaccine research and development is a race against the epidemic.
According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are more than 120 vaccine development projects in the world, eight of which have entered the clinical trial stage – only through the three-stage clinical trials can the vaccine have the opportunity to go on the market.
The adenovirus vector recombinant new coronavirus vaccine developed by Chen Wei, academician of the Institute of bioengineering, Academy of Military Sciences, carried out the second phase clinical trial on April 12, which is also the first new coronavirus vaccine to enter the second phase clinical trial in the world.
The author of this paper, Shan, is one of the volunteers who participated in the second phase clinical trial. Compared with the 108 people in the first phase, the number of volunteers in the second phase increased to 500. They are unknown soldiers who have tried their lives and participated in the first-line war “epidemic” in a special way.
Shan is also a doctor of medicine student. She will open the story of new crown vaccine development from the perspective of trial volunteers and doctor of medicine.
“Group immunity” in Britain, let me run back to Wuhan
On December 31, I will never forget this day.
As a first-year doctor in the UK, I went back to Wuhan for Christmas. On the 31st, I received a virus rumor in my classmates’ group in Wuhan. I also sent a micro blog, half seriously and half jokingly, hoping that there would be no “Yao moth virus” in Wuhan. I didn’t expect it to be a prophecy.
The day after I tweeted, I flew back to the UK happily.
By the middle of March, after more than two months of closure, the epidemic situation in Wuhan had stabilized.
But novel coronavirus pneumonia increased to more than 1000 from 8 in just a few decades.
My mother, who is on the front line of Wuhan hospital, is acutely aware of the fall of Britain. She calls me almost ten times a day to urge me to return home.
In order to reassure her, I stopped my experiment in a week, packed my bags, submitted my application to the school for suspension, and bought a ticket for returning home at a high price.
People who have played peace elite know the game term “running poison”. British friends think I make a fuss, joking that this is the reverse “running poison”.
At that time, Britain was peaceful, and the public didn’t take the virus seriously. In fact, under calm, it was surging.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was overburdened by the end of three, and the medical system was overwhelmed. The chief scientific adviser put forward the “group immunity” passive vaccination plan, which was attacked by the public. The 3.20 government put forward a sealed state.
At this time, I also boarded the plane back home a few days before Hong Kong closed the connecting flight.
When flying in the air, I was still a little confused. I felt that I was in a real-life disaster game, and I regretted that my personal strength was too weak, so I could only watch, but I couldn’t control the game track.
As if God heard my heart, he helped me to start a branch war “epidemic” task
A wechat, let me from onlooker to participant
When I went home, it was the cherry blossom season in Wuhan. However, I had to live in a house with mildew because of the closure of Wuhan.
Bored, my mother’s colleague uncle w sent me a wechat to ask if he would like to participate in the clinical trial of vaccine.
Uncle W is one of the administrative directors of academician Chen Wei’s research and development of new crown vaccine, mainly responsible for volunteer recruitment.
In the second phase of the new crown experiment, 508 volunteers were recruited, 500 of whom were enrolled in the experiment, and 8 were selected as candidates. They were divided into young group and old group according to their ages.
It happened that on the day of receiving the injection, someone in the youth group of volunteers took the initiative to withdraw from the experiment temporarily – according to the rules, volunteers have the right to withdraw from the experiment at any time.
Academician Chen Wei, the first batch of vaccine to enter clinical phase II. These words brought me to my senses.
In the fight against SARS in 2003, and in 2017, Chen Wei’s achievements in developing the world’s first vaccine and ending the Ebola epidemic made her the “love bean” of our medical community, especially our female researchers.
I even think she is the heroine prototype of blood epidemic.
In the new crown epidemic, Chen Wei’s team developed the world’s first new crown vaccine, taking the lead in clinical trials.
In the first phase of the experiment, she also tried the first shot of the vaccine, with the momentum of “being brave and often the first soldier”.
As we all know, only the birth of vaccines can protect human beings from the threat of infectious diseases. Even “group immunity” must be carried out under the premise of complete vaccine. Therefore, in the absence of a vaccine, the British government rashly carried out “group immunity”, the global medical community will be in a uproar.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a “lifeline” that draws human beings from the abyss of new crown pneumonia. The whole world is concerned about its success or failure. The key to the success of the verification is the clinical trial.
How lucky I am to participate in such a special mission.
Fight? Or not?
As a medical student with certain professional knowledge, as well as the second idea of saving the world lurking inside, and as well as the endless trust in Chen Wei’s team, after receiving wechat, I considered it symbolically for two seconds and agreed.
You must be concerned about my family’s agreement.
Actually, my mother recommended me to Uncle W. Her reason is that I am a medical student, I have a professional knowledge of vaccines, and I am very idle now.
My number is jsvct089-1xx
I received wechat at 12:00 p.m. on April 15. I have to be there before 3:00 p.m. to sit in a taxi. I think everything is a little untrue.
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