The 9 captain is ansaki

The net discloses that the leader of the 9 is yasaki, and he is selected through the team’s mutual casting. Netizens are surprised: who cast?
Recently, it was reported that the nether9 captain has been selected, that is, yasaki. It is reported that the starting position of yasaki ranks sixth, his appearance can be sweet or salty, his strength is good, but his stature is not too high. This is also the only point of contention on his body. However, now that he has become the team leader, or selected through the team’s mutual casting, netizens are shocked and confused about this message “Who voted?” he asked In fact, I think who voted should be open in the end, because the number of fans of The9 is still very large, and Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin, Xu Jiaqi and others have a lot of fans. Therefore, it is difficult to convince the public if the first and most popular person is not the team leader. In order to resist the dissatisfaction of fans, the mutual investment link will certainly be announced.
I like Anqi very much. She has exquisite facial features and charming charm. She is also very beautiful in cheongsam. She can be classical or modern. Her big eyes are very divine. Her personality is also very hot. She is a very cheerful and beautiful girl. I think it is possible if she is the team leader. Maybe everyone likes her personality and can enliven the atmosphere. Next, the captain is A hard work, need to manage a lot of things, this position is not necessarily someone willing to be.
The above is the personal photo of yasaki. After his debut, some people said that he was the “royal family”. I’m afraid only the parties concerned know how it is. We can’t tell by hearsay that yasaki has the strength to enter the circle. As for the position of team leader, as long as we can convince the public and pacify every member, everyone should be a pawn. At the beginning, we thought Liu Yuxin would be Captain, after all, her personality is quite soft. I didn’t expect that everyone likes “little pepper” compared with softness. Maybe C and the captain can’t coexist. The above conclusions are based on the fact that the captain is ansaki. As for who is the captain of The9, we have to wait for the official announcement to know. Who do you think is the most suitable leader of the team?