An effective vaccine may appear at the end of the year

The World Health Organization (who) said on the 3rd that although there is no definite schedule for the delivery of effective new coronavirus vaccines, there may be candidate vaccines showing their effectiveness against the new coronavirus by the end of this year. The key issue is whether vaccine capacity can keep up with demand.
At the same day’s press conference, who director general Tan Desai said that everything is difficult at the beginning. Although there is still no effective new crown vaccine, it should be cautious and optimistic. Who has fully communicated with the industry on the issue of vaccine production capacity in the future, calling on the industry to make a good plan, so as to greatly improve the vaccine supply through technology transfer or outsourcing in the future, and effectively ensure fair distribution.
Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO emergency program, said there was no definite timetable for delivery of the new vaccine. Although the preliminary trial data of some candidate vaccines are full of expectation, it is still impossible to predict which vaccine is fully effective in clinical practice. “It’s not wise to predict when the vaccine will be launched at this time. There will certainly be vaccines, just this year, but vaccination is very difficult,” Ryan said. By the end of the year, some of the candidate vaccines may be effective against the new coronavirus, but the question is whether the vaccine production will be enough for us to vaccinate people from the beginning of 2021. “
In response to the recent gradual lifting of epidemic prevention restrictions and reopening borders in some countries, Ryan said that who will soon update its guidelines on border control and cross-border traffic during the epidemic period for reference.