The new crown may not have a specific medicine

Broadcasting British Corporation a ready-made panacea novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, was also reported by WHO director general, Monday, according to a report by Broadcasting British Corporation and BBC. He called on people around the world to comply with measures such as social isolation, washing hands and wearing masks.
According to the data of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, more than 18 million new crown confirmed cases have been recorded worldwide, with more than 690000 deaths.
Speaking at a news conference at the Geneva headquarters, Mr. Tan said vaccination was making progress. “Many vaccines are now in phase III clinical trials and we all want to have some effective vaccines to help people prevent infection,” he said. However, there is no panacea right now, and it may never be. At present, in the final analysis, the prevention of the outbreak still depends on public health and disease control means, such as timely detection, isolation and treatment of patients, tracking and isolation of contacts with new crown patients, etc
Encourage new crown patients to continue breastfeeding
Mothers suspected or confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus should be encouraged to continue breastfeeding.
He said the benefits “greatly” outweigh the risk of infection.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality rate 0.6%
The novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality rate is challenging because it is not clear how many people actually infected with the virus. Due to a lack of detection capability in the early stages of the crisis, millions of people may have the disease and have not been tested.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia Van Kohof is also responsible for the death rate of new crown pneumonia, Van Kerkhove, who is the new technology leader of the new crown virus, said.
“At present, we don’t know how many people have been infected,” she said at a news conference in Geneva on March 3. It’s a challenge to detect every case, and there are many undocumented cases. “
But Dr. Van Kohof said novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality rates were estimated to be 0.6% and 6 times that of seasonal influenza.
Previously, the mortality rate was estimated to be around 0.8%. But scholars at Cambridge University believe that the death rate may even be as high as 1.4%.
Dr Mike Ryan, who’s head of emergency, said a 0.6% mortality rate means “more than one in 200 people may die.”.
These countries need to prepare for war for a long time
Dr. Ryan also said countries with high rates of transmission, including the United States, Brazil and India, need to be ready for a war. The way out is long and requires continuous preparation.