Guo Fucheng praised Fang Yuan nine times

Pan Weibai’s official announcement of his marriage has aroused a lot of “melon” voices. His wife, Mrs. pan, has been hit hard in the past, and his wife Fang Yuan has also been affected. As the center of public opinion, although Guo Fucheng did not speak out, she also supported Fang Yuan with practical actions.
On August 7, Hong Kong media reported that Guo Fucheng praised Fang Yuan’s social activities nine times after his wife was involved in the dispute over “sister Amy’s two senior generals”.
Looking at Guo Fucheng’s social account shows that he did like nine news items.
What’s more, Guo Fucheng’s compliments are all from Fang Yuan’s news, including the sharing of good things, beauty, daily life, birthday wishes from the system itself, and the couple’s love videos.
One interesting detail is that Guo Fucheng’s praise order is not in accordance with the time sequence of Fang Yuan’s release. First, he likes the video of two people’s yacht show of love on May 20, and then the news of Fang Yuan’s birthday on August 5, followed by some scattered daily sharing by Fang Yuan in July and June, which seems to prove the stability of the two people’s love and their rumors The impact of.
Guo Fucheng’s move has to make people feel that he is supporting his wife.
When pan Weibo gets married, Fang Yuan lies down with a gun. The reason is that the widely circulated screenshot of Wang Sicong’s circle of friends.
The picture says, “I am a Buddha, Amy sister is still strong, around two generals, one to marry Aaron Kwok, one to marry Willber Pan, too strong”, full of meaning and directly named Aaron Kwok, and netizens smell the “big melon” breath.
Therefore, netizens “follow the cane and feel the melon” to find out who is Amy sister. There are many traces of early interaction with Fang Yuan in the social account of the suspected object. At that time, Fang Yuan intimately called each other “sister Amy”.
In addition, pan Weibai’s wife Luna and their group photo, Luna’s early night club dance next to the suspected presence of Fang Yuan, a variety of evidence shows that the three people seem to have a deep relationship.
The netizens who found out “big melons” poured into Guo Fucheng’s social account comment area to leave messages, which was quite a bit of schadenfreude.
Then someone picked out pan Weibo’s wife Luna’s social accounts, and her dynamic content appeared on her many girlfriends’ accounts like a template, basically unable to tell who was who. Netizens ridiculed “this may not be a celebrity training camp and Tianwang sister-in-law training class” and “getting married first and then getting married”.
After several days of trouble, Fang Yuan quietly clarified for herself, and her attitude was quite clear.
On August 4, a netizen commented on “is online rumors true” in Fang Yuan’s dynamic, and she directly replied to a picture to show her attitude.
On the picture Fang Yuan replied, the word “rumor” was floating in the air, and beside it was written “calm down, do not blindly follow the rumor, break yourself without attacking”.
No matter what, Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan’s relationship seems to be very loving and stable. Outsiders between the husband and wife don’t make much evaluation. For some rumors, Fang Yuan herself has made a response, hoping that their relationship will last as long as ever.