Cerebral palsy examinee admitted to University of pharmacy

Last month, the Dajiang evening news interviewed Yao Junpeng, an inspirational teenager in Wuhu, and his inspirational story of self-improvement of cerebral palsy has attracted the attention of the whole society. On August 20, the reporter of Dajiang evening news learned that Yao Junpeng had been admitted by China Pharmaceutical University.
Yao Junpeng
Teacher Rui Jinlong, head teacher of Yao Junpeng high school, told reporters that Yao Junpeng was very interested in biology in his first year of high school. He once wanted to participate in the biology competition. However, due to cerebral palsy, he had to give up because of spasmodic cramps caused by cerebral palsy, so he could not overcome the shaking of hands in the experiment. This also became a big regret for him.
When filling in the application form, Yao Junpeng also wanted to fill in the pharmacy major, but considering the physical reasons, he finally filled in the English major of China Pharmaceutical University. At present, the specific specialty has not been determined. This time I applied for China Pharmaceutical University, which is also a dream of my own.
Yao Junpeng (first from left) and teacher Rui Jinlong.
Yao Junpeng’s father told reporters that his family was very satisfied to be admitted to China Pharmaceutical University, and his hanging heart was finally put down. Nanjing, where the school is located, is very close to Wuhu, and his family can easily take care of him.
Before 12:00 p.m. that day, the Enrollment Office of China Pharmaceutical University called to understand Yao Junpeng’s physical condition and coordinate the accommodation of upper and lower bedrooms. Considering that the beds in the school dormitories are all in the upper bunk, parents are worried that Yao Junpeng will not be able to move in the school, so they may choose to rent a small house near the school. In addition, for the English major Yao Junpeng filled in, the school also told that the English major needed to pass the oral examination, and consulted Yao Junpeng’s opinions on the phone. Yao Junpeng replied at that time: I am confident that I can pass!
Yao Junpeng’s father said that the children’s future is still a long way to go, and these difficulties can be overcome. Now the question before him is that he and his mother Yao Junpeng are not old enough to retire. Who will go to Nanjing with Yao Junpeng to take care of him so that he can finish his college education smoothly becomes their next consideration.