Wheelchair on the road

September 9, Zhanjiang, Guangdong. Netizens reported that near Renmin Avenue, a man sitting in a wheelchair on the road suspected of “touching porcelain.”. He kept in front of the car and kept holding out his hand to the driver. Then the wheelchair man left the front of the car to the cab, and the driver took the opportunity to drive away.
Comments from netizens:
“Dash cam really works”
“This can’t be called” touching porcelain “. This is open robbery.”
“Can I call the police for such a block?”
Extended reading: police remind: the whole process of “new porcelain bumping” on the road has been photographed, car owners should pay attention to it!
Recently, the news of being blackmailed by the new recruitment of China bumping has been reported frequently. In just two weeks, the gang has made a profit of more than 80000 yuan! Some netizens took a video of touching porcelain, hoping other car owners could be more vigilant.
There are motor vehicles and cyclists in front of them. They are actually gangs who commit crimes together.
Motor vehicles and cyclists drive at a high speed, but the rear vehicles can only overtake from the right non motorized lane.
In the process of illegal overtaking, the cyclist bumps the bicycle into the car to implement the collision porcelain.
The cyclist can’t get up with the situation. When the owner continues to drive forward, a third gang will stop you and you can’t walk away.
Dynamic diagram of the whole gang’s porcelain touching process:
Xiaobian hereby reminds the majority of car owners that, in order to avoid being wrongly hit by porcelain, they should pay attention not to drive against the rules and not to touch the “injured person” who falls on the ground. When encountering a porcelain bump, they should call the police at the first time, then report the case to the insurance company, and keep the evidence at the same time.