10 million deposits are missing

Li, a post-80s woman who lives in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, at the request of her friend Wei, deposited 10 million yuan into liyawan branch of China Construction Bank in Guangzhou. The deposit period is about half a year. But only four months later, the account was “lost”. So Li sued liyawan branch of CCB to the court, and the court ordered the branch to compensate Li for 4.5 million yuan and current deposit interest within the corresponding period.
How did the money in Li’s deposit account disappear? What is the basis of the court’s decision? Recently, a civil judgment of the second instance released by the judicial document website made this dispute of deposit contract a lot of bright spots known to the public.
In order to obtain high interest, Li deposited 10 million yuan into a designated bank
On April 20, 2016, liyawan branch of China Construction Bank handled the case involving debit card and deposit of 10 million yuan, and did not open SMS banking service.
In the first instance, Li said that the reason why he deposited the 10 million yuan involved in the case into liyawan sub branch of CCB was at the request of Wei Mou, a friend of Everbright Securities. Mr. Wei asked Mr. Li to deposit his money in liyawan branch of China Construction Bank. Both sides agreed that the deposit term was half a year and promised to give high interest. On April 14, 2016, Li and Wei, an outsider in the case, applied for a current passbook at liyawan sub branch of CCB.