Giant national flag on Mount Everest

This is probably the biggest handmade flag you’ve ever seen
It weighs 1.3 tons
The total area is about 6700 square meters
Equivalent to 16 standard basketball courts
The largest Pentagram alone is nearly 400 square meters
On the eve of National Day
It appeared at the base camp of Mount Everest at 5200 meters above sea level
The huge national flag, 100.8 meters long and 67.2 meters wide, was sewn by more than 40 disabled people in Lhasa, Tibet, 70 times the size of the No.4 national flag.
After the national flag was made, it took 16 hours of long-distance transportation to reach the base camp of Mount Everest at an altitude of 5200 meters.
In the base camp of Mount Everest, more than 20 civilian police at the Everest border police station at Tibet’s exit and entry border inspection station spent nearly six hours unfolding and fixing the huge national flag.
“There is me at the snowy border, please rest assured for the motherland and the people!” Under the majestic Mount Everest and in front of the bright national flag, the Tibetan immigration management police solemnly promised to present a gift to the 71st anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China!