Zhong Nanshan talks about the efficacy of Radix Isatidis

Recently, a news and video of “academician Zhong Nanshan team found that compound Banlangen is effective for new coronavirus” was widely spread on the Internet, causing consumers to rush to buy Banlangen in various markets and the stock price of Baiyunshan (600332. SH) soared.
On October 23, Zhong Nanshan, the winner of the medal of the Republic of China and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, gave an exclusive reply to the reporter of first finance and economics, saying that some people took out of context and “expanded” what they said.
Zhong Nanshan told the first finance and economics reporter: “a few days ago, I said in the cooperation agreement (Forum) of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao big bay area that compound radix isatidis, rather than Radix Isatidis, has anti-neocoronavirus effect in the laboratory, which is far from effective in vivo. Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory, as a” insider “, should understand it very well, but some people took it out of context and expanded my sentence, even said It’s ban Langen. It’s a distortion. The relevant departments have come out to clarify it. “
On October 13, a seminar on the transformation of Banlangen from Baiyun Mountain to Macao and the signing ceremony of cooperation were held in Guangzhou. Since then, a video entitled “Zhong Nanshan: Baiyunshan Compound Radix Isatidis is effective for the new coronavirus and will not talk nonsense”, which caused a great sensation on the Internet. The outside world once questioned the authenticity of the video, and the validity of Banlangen Granules was suspected to be exaggerated.
According to the parent company of Baiyunshan, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Hutchison Huangpu traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group (Macao) International Development Industry Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou respiratory health research institute and Macao University of science and technology officially signed the “Macao transformation memorandum of Baiyunshan Banlangen research results”, announcing that the research achievements of Baiyunshan Banlangen and compound Banlangen will be produced in Macao Commercialization, which became the first landing project of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group after the establishment of Macao International Headquarters.
Under the influence of Zhong Nanshan’s “roll call”, the Banlangen products of Baiyunshan are rapidly “leaping into the red”. Since then, the first finance and economics reporter searched some online stores and found that Banlangen related products in many stores were sold well, some of them showed “replenishment”, and the Banlangen Granules in Baiyun Mountain sold tens of thousands of pieces a month, showing the status of “sold out”.
In addition, some media found that the compound Banlangen in Jingdong pharmacy, Ali pharmacy and the official flagship store of Baiyunshan of Guangdong medicine have been sold out of stock. Among them, “Baiyunshan compound Banlangen Granules (10g * 20 bags)” is purchased by Jingdong.
Since then, the stock price of Baiyunshan has fluctuated. On October 16, the stock price of Baiyunshan rose strongly, and the value of A-share and H-share soared by about 10 billion yuan. Since then, novel coronavirus has been identified by Baiyun Mountain announcements. The relevant conclusions in media reports are only the result of the in vitro screening of new anti coronavirus viruses carried out by Fufang Banlangen Keli and Huang company of the joint venture company. The follow-up work needs further work on this product, and there is still some uncertainty in the relevant work.
The stock price of Baiyunshan has fluctuated greatly recently, and some media have questioned that its price fluctuation involves stock price manipulation. On October 23, Gao Li, a spokesman for China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), responded at the regular press conference of the CSRC that the CSRC and the stock exchange had paid attention to the recent media reports on Baiyunshan, and the company also issued a Clarification Announcement and risk warning on 19 October.
Gao Li said that the CSRC will pay close attention to relevant companies and related matters, and will seriously investigate and deal with violations in accordance with the law.