My Future and My Way

The future is neither remote nor fantastic, because each of us will be the protagonist in the future drama, and each of us will write our own legend. The road is under my feet. I have embarked on the journey.
In this flowering age, I often think about what our existence is for. Under some kind of pressure, I feel that my heart is often restrained, like being pressed by the death of diamond. During the class, students always gather in groups to discuss math and physics problems, and have little time to play. Lunch also goes by in a hurry, rushing back to the classroom to write papers and essays. Every day I listened to more than eight hours of classes at school, dragged my tired body and heavy schoolbag, rushed home to open the door and heard the keys inserted in the lock “click” when I chaotically realized that the day was going to pass again, followed by another sleepless night of hard reading with lights on. For a time, I can’t even endure the pain and tiredness. Every cell in my brain seems to be full of knowledge. I study like a dog. I work hard for grades and meet the demands of teachers and parents.
Shouldn’t life be a quiet enjoyment? Slow down the time, close the distance, ideally we wander here. Slow down, give yourself more leisure space, the surrounding scenery is worth your heart to nostalgia, the surrounding things are worth your God to understand. We often do not pay attention to those small things, not because our eyes are not clear enough, but because our love for beauty has not been released.
In the future, I have many hopes. I think one day I can live in the countryside, close to nature, understand different customs, swim in the fields, humming songs on the path, beside the cows’ buzz and the pig’s cooing, sometimes birds will fly up to your eaves, and worms and crickets will wake you up from the dream in the morning. The crystal clear dew is like playing hide and seek. The rain of the tile house is like that. The music of Yuhuan collision. Of course, I have to look for the taste of sunshine, hiding in the drying clothes room, the newly aired quilt, the beautiful landscape of painting and calligraphy, the golden rice next to the dazzling fragrance is particularly fresh. A person’s life is short and long. Some people can stretch a quarter of an hour to a full extent, brimming with happiness and freedom. Others can walk through a few years of ignorance. How much tranquil and pleasant the journey is, how curious my heart is, how intoxicated I am, how slow down I am, how interesting I am. A person who laughs, cries, is quiet and publicizes, how interesting I am when I speak out my jokes and vows. I think that one day I will return to old age and childhood. Meet the short years of my childhood, I am eager to make up for my childhood ambitions – running in the spring breeze, shuttling in the woods, playing games such as “you pat me, I pat you”, “stone scissors cloth”, “woven flower basket”, listening to the sound of flowers, building stone castles, collecting samples of maple leaves reflecting red, fighting with my good friends…
I hope that every corner of the map of the world will leave my footprints, I will catch huge fish, I will go to space and the moon to explore secrets by rocket; I look forward to seeing the sunset in the west every day, the eastern sunset in the blue sky; through the guardrails of the businessmen to see the track of cars, buses, bicycles, to see their whereabouts and whereabouts; Observe the bustling crowds, one. My face appears in my sight, yellow and thin, red and swollen, clean or handsome, and has a variety of legs…
My life will not be dull, the initial feeling – true and kind chain of all my happiness. The beauty of human nature is the precious truth of the world. It is a happy thing to make contributions to others, even if it is rare. I will help those poor people live a good life by their own labor. I will help those children in welfare homes out of the haze of their hearts. I will bring the prepared meals to the garbage bin and watch the kittens lick their tongues with a smile and gobble them down. Maybe I will volunteer to donate blood. Maybe I will become a nurse in an animal emergency station. Maybe I will collect books to bring to African children with dark skin but bright eyes. To convey warmth and affection is a responsibility as well as a mission. To share joy and sorrow, we work hand in hand.
In the foggy night, I rode my bicycle to school, thinking: no matter what the future will be, whether I choose the right path, I will go on without hesitation. Life, my future, needs to be dominated by myself. On this road, there are many forks and intersections. The path is twisted and twisted. I don’t know which one leads to the end of success, and which one leads to the abyss of failure. But I still won’t regret, in fact, in my heart, this road will always be successful, young dreams will not be wrong.