23-year-old beauty as prime minister’s bodyguard

When it comes to security guards, I’m afraid you will come up with a tall and strong mysterious man who looks around with sharp eyes. However, one woman not only became a security guard, but also two former Japanese bodyguards.
Born in 1988, she looks like the heroine in the Japanese TV series “VIP police officer”. In October 2011, at the age of 23, she was recruited into the police protection class of Tokyo police station and became the bodyguard of then Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. After Noda retired, she became the bodyguard of his successor, Shinzo Abe. She is known to be closer to Abe than the prime minister’s wife. Recently, about her network post again popular, many netizens curious about her story.
The Japanese government stipulates that officials with cabinet membership or above shall be protected by the special security team of the police department. The police protection section of Japan’s police department was set up in 1965. Its original duty was to protect the important personnel in an inconspicuous position behind them. The main objects of protection are the prime minister, the Minister of state, the speaker of the house of Representatives and the house of Representatives, important members of political parties, governors, foreign dignitaries, etc. the security special police team is subordinate to them. The Japanese Prime Minister’s residence has always been protected by members of the security special police force. More than 200 members of the special police force wear fitting casual clothes and numbered badges on their chests.
Why can Ishida become the bodyguard of Japan’s two prime ministers? Let’s see her amazing resume.
She is one of the top kung fu masters in Japan. She has many certificates in kendo, karate, judo and fighting. She can shoot a mob in 0.2 seconds and kill a robber in 0.5 seconds.
She was able to beat half of her colleagues in the karate hall and even beat half of them in a row.
As a matter of fact, the selection conditions for the security special police team are very harsh. The team members are selected from 45000 police officers of the police department, and only through strict examinations can they get this position. If the security guard is more than 160cm, she should be female. They are not only in good shape, strong in concentration and endurance, but also quick in response and proficient in English. They are all “sharpshooters”. The Tokyo news agency’s original report on female guards said that they usually wear black trousers, short hair and low heels at work. The first appearance of Japanese female security personnel was in 1984. Because of the Tokyo summit in 1986, the visiting Prime Minister and his wife came together more and more, and the prime minister’s residence put forward the request of sending female security personnel. At present, there are dozens of female security guards in the police protection section, and they are increasing year by year.
Shimada belongs to a civil servant. She will defend whoever becomes prime minister. We usually think that bodyguards will also take on the job of personal assistant, but this is not the case. Facing the prime minister, Ishida is still cold when it should be.
It is said that Shinzo Abe’s belongings fell to the ground, but shitianmeng, who was beside him, couldn’t see them and let him pick them up by himself. “Security guard is a noble profession, not a nanny. I want to be alert all the time and never provide nanny service,” Ishida explained afterwards Japan’s police agency has made a special introduction to the police like Ishida Mengmei, and the evaluation is quite high.
Masaki Ishida is the inspector general of the first Department of police. Among the police organizations all over the country, the only one with a security system is the police station guarding the capital. It can be said that they are on behalf of all the police in Japan to protect the escort objects and act as the prime minister’s escort.
In addition to always guarding the prime minister’s side, they also have to follow the vehicles to escort, go to the destination or lodging place in advance, and protect the traffic along the road for the prime minister to pass smoothly.
The security activities of security guards need to be divided according to their roles. In order to achieve the same goal, they need to unite and complete their tasks perfectly to protect the escorts. Among them, Shitian Mengmei is responsible for security communication. In order to ensure the perfect operation of the security system, she carries out close information transmission with her walkie talkie.
Ishida’s father is a well-known bodyguard in Japan. Therefore, in her childhood, her enlightenment education was different from that of other children. Little girls of the same age learn piano, ballet and painting, and take the route of quiet little princess. Ishida was sent to a judo enlightenment institution by her parents. The training was hard, and the difficulty required by the coach was increasing day by day. The girls in the class dropped out one by one, and only she was still sticking to it. No matter how tired and bitter she is, she never cries. Because she was born into a bodyguard family, her father was very strict with her. He often gave her a surprise assessment to test her daughter’s learning achievements in judo hall.
Ishida worried that he could not pass his father’s test, so he still asked for more training after class. Later, when Ishida was young, her judo skills could not be underestimated.
At the same time, she also learned Kendo, karate, and even the mysterious ninja. The most difficult thing was practicing kendo. At that time, she was still young, holding the wooden sword in both hands, so she could barely lift it.
In the strict education of her parents, the tough side of Ishida Mengmei is also shown. She didn’t cry to anyone to give up. Instead, she practiced harder and made up for her lack of strength with her skillful skills. That year, Ishida kept on kendo training until she was 18 years old.
This also means that she has been promoted to a new stage in physical strength, skill and mentality. She can be said to be a real practitioner at the entrance of kendo.
Training day after day