Chili storm

“Spicy death, hot death” “I want to drink water, I want to drink water” “Oh, my stomach hurts, I knew I wouldn’t eat it”… When I was in class, I was shouting at the classroom. A few words, this must start from the second lesson this morning.

“Well, today I will talk about it here. Everyone will open the mathematics garden to arrange today’s homework…” In the second section of the math class, when Sun’s teacher arranged his homework, Li Chunquan stretched his fist to me mysteriously. “I took it over and saw it. It was a small piece of red dragonfly. He fascinated his eyes and said quietly: “I will leave it for you, write homework immediately, eat some red dates, and supplement the brain.” I think: This person is really Send a jujube so bad, at least send one, just send a little jujube. “If you don’t eat, I will give it to other classmates. Don’t regret it!” Li Chunquan seems to take this point to “repair the brain red skin”, but when I think of making up my brain, I will not count big, I take Get up in your mouth. After a few seconds, the taste buds erupted to the volcano, but before I even spit it out, this “brain red skin” had already broken into my throat. In a moment, a raging fire raged in my heart, and the flame was like a devil. Jumping up and down, the breath has been sealed by the flames, and the face is also reddened by the fire. The tears that flowed out kept my eyes screaming, and the forehead was already soaked with sweat, and the mouth was dry and dry.

Since I haven’t finished the class yet, I can’t pick up the water. I only have to bear it. I looked at Li Chunquan. He was smirking and said to me: “What is the taste?” I remember Jiang Xiaobai said this. “Most of the troubles are because there are too few experiences.” And now I want to say: “But all those who deliberately slammed the door have hidden ulterior motives.” If not Li Chunquan only gave a little red skin. I can’t possibly know the difference between jujube and pepper. Another thought: “I regret it too late, who made me greedy and cheap, thinking that red dates can make up the brain, and fortunately, I fortunately just ate a little red skin…” I turned to look at the students around, Something like the ecstasy of the evil, some whispering, some arrogant, some tears, some annoyed…

When the pleasing class bell rang, Sun was still changing his homework. I have not been so spicy because I have eaten less. I am going to ask where Li Chunquan’s peppers come from. I didn’t expect that when the bell rang, two-thirds of the class’s classmates would stand up and rush to the water dispenser.

“Hey, hehe…” The students who received the water quickly drank the water. Another classmate said eagerly: “It’s me, I finally got it.” I saw Zhang Haoyu holding the cup and looking at the water dispenser. The classmates in front kept saying: “Come on, hurry, I am going to be hot!” He couldn’t wait to drink a few mouthfuls after taking the water, then he lifted the cup over his head and the water in the cup went straight from the top of his head. It was drenched. The wet hair was stuck on the forehead, and the water flowing down the tip made him unable to open his eyes, especially the wolf. The mouth still shouted: “I want to put out the fire! I want to put out the fire!

“Everyone laughed and said: “You are finished!” You are finished! “This “ghost crying wolf” caused the attention of Sun’s teacher. He didn’t know how to be good for a while, and the expression of laughter and laughter once again caused everyone to laugh. At this time, a classmate in the long water receiving team shouted: “No water!” No water? Teacher Sun asked the students: “What is going on today?” “The students are rushing to answer, who and who gave him the devil’s spicy. I only know that Li Chunquan gave me not the ordinary pepper, but the famous devilish spicy. India’s “devil spicy” is also called “broken soul” It is a first-class plant tear gas, often used in the military field. This pepper was recognized as the world’s first spicy pepper by the Guinness World Records in February 2007, and its spicyness is more than 1 million Scoville. “Oh, my Hey! “I have always been afraid of the spicy, I have seen the “Devil” is amazing today!

In the end, the students were so hot that they screamed and kept their hands on the lips. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh at me and I laughed at you. They all became anti-spicy contestants and water grabs.

If our curiosity is not so heavy, the pepper storm will not spread so fast and so wide!