At that moment, I was really cowardly.

The word “cowardice” is totally out of line with me, but why do I talk about it? Actually, I am a man, a top two female tiger in the class, and I have great courage. But at that moment, I was cowardly!
I remember when I was in third grade. I had a good time with Feifei, Guozhen and Liang Juan. We were a gang in our class. However, it was because of a minor contradiction that it broke up. That time, it was the deadliest time in our history. Guozhen and Liang Juan tried several times to help me reconcile with Feifei, but they all failed. I was thinking, if at that moment, I had more courage, I was more active, the result would be like this?
On the day of the collapse, I came to school with a heavy schoolbag. I felt the sky outside was gloomy. There was just a piece of garbage under my feet. I kicked it as I walked. Soon after I got to class, as soon as I put down my schoolbag, Feifei jumped out and said, “Squid (my nickname) I have a candy, do you want to eat it?” She didn’t know anything at that time, and ran over, but she didn’t know that it was hit by a gun. I said coldly, “I don’t want it!” She said, “Well, did you take the wrong medicine? What’s your temper?” “You should take care of it!” I patted the table and all the students around me looked at it. “See what, haven’t you seen anybody get angry?” I sat down on the stool and buried my head deeply on the table. When she saw the trend, she went back to her seat.
The next morning, I was not angry, but, Feifei ignored me, I also ignored her, and complained in my heart: Che! Really pretentious, need to pretend? You scolded me several times before, when you said me, I did not ignore you? I just said a few words? Necessary? Affective ah, pretentious. Later, I remember that she passed by me several times, as if she had inadvertently looked at me. She just wanted to open her mouth and say something, but she closed it again, as if she had something on her mind and wanted to talk to me, but she was stopped by something. I have had a similar situation. After I organized the language, I walked past her several times and pretended to casually say a lot to her, but I just couldn’t say the most important three words – sorry, it always lingered in my mouth, how to squeeze it out, just can’t squeeze it out. Is it because there are too many people in the class? I find a proper reason to fill this gap because of my face.
Once, she handed in her homework and I met her in the corridor. At this time, I wanted to run over, catch her, apologize to her, let her forgive me, we are still good friends. Just about to step out of my foot in that moment, as if another Mount Tai was pressing on my foot, I could not lift it up, nor step out. I wanted to call her out loud. At that moment, my throat seemed to be blocked by a stone. I couldn’t speak. Looking at Feifei’s fading back, I would like to say “I’m sorry” to her loudly. At this moment, I feel that my behavior makes me very disappointed!
At that moment, I was really cowardly!