Unforgettable childhood

Childhood is a charming picture, outlining how many moving and interesting stories I have; childhood is a melodious piccolo, playing how many pure and beautiful fantasies I have; childhood is a brilliant jasmine, childhood laughter like the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine, white petals like a piece of memory. Like spring water flowing through valleys, like bees and butterflies flying through flowers, my childhood is like a flowing picture, often reminding me of the good life of the past… The funny things of childhood are the most unforgettable to me.
When I was five years old, I lived with my grandparents. Many interesting things happened that year.
I remember Grandpa has a pair of presbyopic glasses, which he wears every morning to read books and newspapers. At that time, I was young and could not read, so I naively thought that my grandfather could not read, but that pair of old glasses had magical power to help my grandfather read. Otherwise, why did my grandfather wear them every time he read a newspaper?
So, I began to make a small calculation in my mind, intending to find an opportunity to wear those “magic glasses” secretly.
What a coincidence. On the morning after I made up my mind to wear glasses secretly, my grandparents went out on business. Although Grandpa and Grandma have gone, I still have fifteen buckets to draw water at the thought that I will be a “burglar” later. Therefore, I decided to close the door before opening the door of knowledge, so that my grandparents would not come back early temporarily and give me a “booty and gain”. I ran to the door, stretched out my head and looked at it. Just then, nobody was there. I shut the door and locked it in a hurry.
Having made all the preparations, I crept to the cupboard where my glasses were often kept. I couldn’t wait to open the cabinet door and take out the presbyopic glasses I was thinking about day and night. At this time, my excitement can be described as “beyond words”.
By the way, try it on quickly! I came back and quickly put my glasses on my nose. Why? Suddenly, my joy disappeared. When I put on my glasses, I found that what I saw was not “the palace of knowledge”, but a burst of dizziness. Through my glasses, my vision is blurred. I see the sky is spinning and turning.
I immediately realized that it was wrong. I took off my glasses and carefully put them back in the cupboard. Looking at this pair of glasses, thinking about the feeling of being head-heavy and foot-light just now, I can’t help exclaiming, “The magic of this glasses is so big, it can recognize people, and when Grandpa comes back, I want to ask for a clear answer.”
After a while, grandparents came back. I told Grandpa the whole thing, and asked him curiously, “Grandpa, why do you wear that pair of glasses to read and read newspapers, and I really feel dizzy when I wear them?” Grandpa smiled and said to me, “Silly boy, that pair of glasses has no magic, but Grandpa is old and his eyes are old, so he wears them only when he is old. On this pair of presbyopic glasses. You’re so young, you certainly don’t fit your eyes when you wear these glasses.” “Oh.” It suddenly dawned on me.
Childhood is unforgettable and unforgettable. The colorful childhood is like an unforgettable beautiful movement. Even this short note of stealing grandfather’s glasses makes me deeply attached to it.