The things that mark the coming of spring are not only the peach blossoms and cherry blossoms, but also the rapeseed blossoms, which make people enchanted, but also the neat two rows of pea blossoms in front of my house.
This is a small piece of land that my diligent mother has cultivated. Originally, she planned to plant some flowers and plants, but before she could figure out what kind of flowers and plants to plant, my mother decided to plant peas for one year first. In early spring, you can see the tender green leaves of peas, in late spring, you can see the light purple flowers of peas, and in early summer, you can eat peas.
Sure enough, when the grassland was still withered and yellow, the pea leaves had grown to be crowded and green. The doorway is also full of vitality. Pea seedlings seem to be telling us with practical action: Don’t worry, the silent winter has passed, and the bustling spring is coming!
When a warm spring breeze blew and a tree of bright cherry blossoms and peach blossoms opened, the lilac pea blossoms also showed a smiling face from the dense leaves. Pea blossom is not as beautiful as cherry blossom and peach blossom, but it also has its own beauty of quietness and elegance.
The lively spring always passes very fast. Several spring outings for flower appreciation are over. The sun is shining for a few days. Summer is coming. And my long-awaited pea pods are getting fuller and fuller. Finally, after I spilled a princess’s charm on my mother, she brought the basket from the kitchen. I almost jumped to the pea field. Soon, the full pea pods were filled with vegetable baskets.
Back home, I moved to a small bench, sat with my mother peeling pea pods, green peas and rice jumped out one after another, and soon had a large plate. Mother poured the peas and rice into the pot and said that she would soak the water. When the water in the pot begins to boil, the peas and rice will be almost ripe. Mother fished out the peas and dried them and began to prepare the seasoning for the fried peas and rice. On the other side, I couldn’t help my inner joy and curiosity. I reached out and quietly took a pea rice. With a gentle pinch, the pea skin was separated from the pea kernels. I tried several more, all the same. With a gentle pinch, the pea and rice jumped into my mouth. The pea skin remained in my hand, just like eating grapes. It was delicious and interesting. Mother’s seasoning was not ready, and I ate most of the peas and rice on the plate, but Mother was not angry at all, and smiled that it would be a lot more next year. Finishing the dishes on the plate is probably the best compliment to the chef.
After a few days, the pea pods have lost their old green, and began to grow black, thin and old. At this time, the peas and rice are no longer suitable for boiling, and then fried to eat. Once the pea skin has also become a pea shell. But my smart mother always has a way to deal with them. After Mom took all the peas back, some of them were shelled by a machine, crushed the beans, and made a spicy and delicious bean paste. The other part was boxed up for drying and said it could be fried with salt when I wanted to eat it.
Summer slowly passed, vegetables in the garden also entered a state of hibernation, drooping his head, refused to grow again. But my kitchen is still fragrant. Mother put the sliced bacon in the pot to simmer, then added a spoonful of pre-prepared bean paste to continue stir-frying, a gush of drooling fragrance spread out, and added a little pickle in it, eating three big bowls of rice is not a problem at all.
Although flowers are attractive enough, peas seem to be more popular. I’m going to talk to my mother about planting peas in our garden next year, and I volunteer to contract for watering and loosening.