ZNH Experience 222 Technician, Meet the Police

Last time I mentioned that BL successfully mixed into ZNH and got BZ’s phone.
Since BL saw LY introduce 222 red card decision to try, this time took the BZ phone to make an appointment directly, who knows BZ told to wait until 10:30. BL watched the time for more than three hours, did not consider so much directly to point 222. It’s worth it to see the beauty side and so on.

After entering, X. After lunch, I went to the lobby to watch the movie and waited for the clock. The movie saw that it was almost half the time and I wanted to be ready to get excited! !

This time suddenly came 4 JC (I went to meet again), if you have seen the previous BL article, you know that this happened in YLG last time.

Fortunately, I waited in the hall twice, otherwise I really scared YW.

A few JC big brothers went on tour after half an hour, and they heard that they had such a bad influence next time. I don’t think I’m going to take a break this time.

After another 15 minutes, BZ came over and told me that I was sorry for this situation. After asking the situation, I know that there is a guest report (I should go out and go out)

BZ has been bringing BL to F. Room 222 has been waiting inside.

When I saw 222, I thought I wouldn’t, was it played by LY? ?

Looks like a well-balanced figure, XB is a B cup, the body is long. About 160 or so, the legs are not very thin but very body-building, look like 6 points face, but it looks very charming feeling ····

Starting FW standing at TQ, BL is holding her waist with her hand. This waist is really good. One hand can be fully circled, and the whole direction is up, and the inside is actually vacuum.

Of course, the other hand did not have a hand on her PG, very strong. After the TQ was completed, it started. When I saw her TUO, I saw that it was powder. It was powdered powder.

This play is a pleasure, but also very active to send MM to BL’s mouth, that cool. Although it’s not too big, it’s very strong (not hard, it’s a good feeling of softness and toughness)

Then at this time, the BL hand did not stop directly M. Her MM (it seems like the beginning of the letter is the same haha)

M. With M. Pulling NK directly and seeing it is also powder. Powder powder.

I was so excited at the time, I changed a few ZS. I finally sent S. At this time, because I was too excited, S was too high to go directly to her face. Hahaha (if she was not in front of me, it would come to my face)

The driver was very able to talk, chatting and talking about M. M. actually forgot to open the second shot (loss of loss)

To sum up, if you can try LY on the value of value and X is not very important, FW. is indeed very good, listen to 222 to introduce her friend is very beautiful let BL to try. Next time, if you have the chance to experience it again,

I am here to hope that LY like it.