My story

A gust of wind disturbed my mind. Outside the window, the fallen leaves have already drifted away. This is not the place at this time. The war without smoke is still circling in my mind today…
Hard reading in the cold window is only for the flower of dreams
Pick up a fallen leaf, the autumn wind in the rustle of blowing, blowing the fallen leaves, more disturbed my heart.
The story begins in the second semester of the sixth grade. At that time, I was about to face the achievement of Xiao Shengchu, the flower of my childhood dream. It is a testimony of my learning achievements in elementary school, and also a testimony of my hard study in cold windows. As early as in my heart, I had the bud of a dream – I must get the top five in the class.
But to be honest, I’m in a normal state, making myself feel inferior. Usually the test can only be more than 80 points, up to 90 top. I can’t help worrying about whether the buds of this dream can grow up and blossom beautiful flowers.
It’s only half a year. Is it possible to fight again for half a year? Anyway, I will fight hard. In doubt, I seem to have found the bright outlet, so I move towards it. Sure enough, in half a year, I took the lamp to read at night, listened carefully to what the teacher said, and made great progress. In the last groping test, I leaped into the top three in the class. How long have you been looking forward to it? How many times have you been thinking about it?
“Yes, Hou Xiang, you can do it!” When you walked out of school that afternoon, you encouraged yourself secretly. The trees in midsummer are fluffy like weeds, so is my mood. Tomorrow is a war without smoke.
Dream edge, but I wander
On the way, I felt the smoke of the students who rushed to take the exam in the air, which should not be ignored. Heart can not help but also tense up, do not know why, there is also a thin layer of sweat on the forehead. “Flower of Dream, Flower of My Dream…”
I don’t want that anymore. I walked into the examination room quickly. The dark crowd made me feel dizzy, and the noise was full of gunpowder. I am a careless person, and at this time my heart can not help but play a small drum: my flower of dreams, can my flower of dreams really blossom? In this, can I get into a narrow position? Today, realizing my dream, I have doubts, like in the light of the exit, constantly wandering, I do not know whether to take this step.
Sitting in the exam room, I closed my eyes and tried to organize my thoughts. Want to throw the confusion aside and concentrate on the exam. But the more I think about it, the more chaotic it is. One scene after another of efforts, one scene after another of hard work. After all, what is it for? Isn’t it for the flower of my dream? “Tiny…” At the moment of ringing the bell, the belief in my heart has been set, and a great step has been taken towards the export of light.
Today, today, to realize my dream, I struggle in the sea of questions, gathering answers one after another, racking my brains and writing hard, just for a belief – blooming the flower of my dream…
Think of a dream and look forward to tomorrow
That day, in a heavy mood, I stopped at the crossing with my report card for a long time. Looking up, my heart is filled with regret. Without smoke and peaceful and leisurely sky, it’s beautiful! My mood finally returns to the successful blooming of the flower rewarding my dream. Think of half a year’s efforts to harvest, heart sweet silk, but still vague sour and tear adulteration.
Xiao Shengchu’s memory is beautiful and exciting. It is a perfect ending in my life and a summary of my experience. In a twinkling of an eye, more than a year has passed, remembering that period of the past, or will be boiling with blood. Yes, junior high school is a higher step. A bigger flower of dreams is waiting for me to pick. My junior middle school ancient poems, in fact, just started quietly…