China’s First White Paper on Nuclear Safety

China’s Nuclear Security
(September 2019)
The People’s Republic of China
Information Office of the State Council

  1. Establishing a rational, coordinated and progressive nuclear safety concept
    II. Constructing the System of Nuclear Safety Policies and Regulations
    Implementing Scientific and Effective Safety Supervision
    IV. Maintaining a High Level of Safety
    V. Creating an Atmosphere of Nuclear Safety for Co-construction and Sharing
  2. Building a Community of Destiny for Nuclear Safety
    Concluding remarks
    The discovery of atoms and the development and utilization of nuclear energy have brought new impetus to human development and greatly enhanced human’s ability to understand and transform the world. At the same time, the development of nuclear energy is accompanied by safety risks and challenges. In order to make better use of nuclear energy and achieve greater development, mankind must deal with all kinds of nuclear security challenges and maintain nuclear safety.
    In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, facing the needs of national construction and development, the Chinese government made a major decision on the development and utilization of nuclear energy, and China’s nuclear industry (Note 1) began formally. Over the past 70 years, China’s nuclear industry has developed from scratch to sustainable development, forming a complete nuclear industry system, which has made important contributions to ensuring energy security, protecting the ecological environment, improving people’s living standards and promoting high-quality economic development. China has always regarded safeguarding nuclear safety as an important national responsibility, integrated into the whole process of nuclear energy development and utilization, developed the nuclear cause on the premise of safety, implemented supervision and management in accordance with the strictest standards, and actively adapted to the new requirements of the development of the nuclear cause, constantly promoted the advancement of nuclear safety with the times and innovative development, and maintained good results. Safety record, out of a road of nuclear safety with Chinese characteristics.
    Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China’s nuclear safety has entered a new era of safe and efficient development. President Xi Jinping put forward a rational, coordinated and progressive nuclear security concept, emphasizing both development and security, advocating the creation of a global nuclear security destiny community, pointing out the direction for China’s nuclear security development in the new era, and offering China’s program for promoting international cooperation in the development and utilization of nuclear energy and achieving global lasting nuclear security. Guided by the concept of nuclear safety, China has gradually established a nuclear safety governance system with legal norms, administrative supervision, industry self-discipline, technical support, talent support, cultural leadership, social participation and international cooperation as the main body, and the nuclear safety defense line has become more solid.
    As an important advocate, promoter and participant in building a fair, cooperative and win-win international nuclear safety system, China earnestly fulfills its international obligations on nuclear safety while doing its best in nuclear safety, vigorously promotes bilateral and multilateral cooperation on nuclear safety, actively promotes the peaceful use of nuclear energy for the benefit of all mankind, and pays tribute to global nuclear safety governance. China’s wisdom and strength have been devoted.
    In order to introduce the development course of China’s nuclear safety cause, elaborate the basic principles and policy propositions of China’s nuclear safety, share the concept and practice of China’s nuclear safety supervision, and clarify China’s determination and action to promote the process of global nuclear safety governance, a white paper has been issued.
  3. Establishing a rational, coordinated and progressive nuclear safety concept
    On March 24, 2014, at the Third Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, the Netherlands, President Xi Jinping put forward a rational, coordinated and progressive nuclear security concept. China’s nuclear safety concept is a concentrated reflection of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the field of nuclear safety in the new era, an important component of China’s overall national security concept, a major theoretical innovation in the field of nuclear safety governance, an important milestone in promoting the process of international nuclear safety, and a fundamental solution to the global governance of nuclear safety. The construction of nuclear safety fate community points out the principles, methods and paths.
    The core connotation of China’s nuclear safety concept is to attach equal importance to the four. To comprehensively and systematically promote the process of nuclear security is the core of China’s nuclear security concept, which embodies equal emphasis on development and security, rights and obligations, autonomy and cooperation, symptoms and root causes.
    —— Emphasis should be placed on both development and security in order to develop nuclear energy undertakings on the premise of ensuring safety. Development is the foundation of security, and security is the condition of development. Development and security are the basic demands of human peaceful use of nuclear energy. They are like two wheels of a car and two wings of a bird. They complement each other and are indispensable. We should adhere to the concept of seeking security for development and promoting development with security, so that the two goals of development and security can be organically integrated and mutually promoted. Only by achieving better development can we truly control safety risks; only by achieving safety assurance can nuclear energy develop continuously.
    —— Emphasis should be placed on both rights and obligations, and the process of international nuclear security should be promoted on the basis of respecting the rights and interests of all countries. States should earnestly fulfil their obligations under the international legal instruments on nuclear safety, fully implement the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, and consolidate and develop the existing legal framework on nuclear safety. At the same time, we should adhere to the principle of fairness and pragmatism, respect the right of all countries to adopt policies and measures suited to their own national conditions, and respect the right of all countries to protect sensitive information on nuclear safety.
    —— Emphasis should be placed on both autonomy and cooperation, and common nuclear security should be sought through win-win cooperation. Nuclear safety is first and foremost a national issue, and the primary responsibility should be borne by all governments. Governments should be aware of their responsibilities and responsibilities, be accountable to themselves and the world, strengthen cooperation, build and share, and win-win cooperation, benefit from and contribute to the globalization of the nuclear security process.
    —— We should attach equal importance to the treatment of symptoms and root causes, and comprehensively promote nuclear safety efforts with the goal of eliminating root causes. Improving nuclear safety policies and measures, developing modernization and low-risk nuclear energy, and adhering to the supply and demand of nuclear materials