The confession of Duoxiang pill

That man was the one I killed. But I didn’t kill women. Where did the woman go? I don’t know. Well, wait a minute. No matter how you torture me, I still don’t know what I don’t know. Besides, since I have reached this point, I do not want to cowardly intend to conceal anything.
I met the couple after noon yesterday. At that time, just a gust of wind blew over the woman’s ramie silk, so let me see the woman’s face. Say see, it’s just a glance… I thought I saw it, and I couldn’t see it anymore. Maybe that’s why I thought that woman looked like a Bodhisattva lady. So it was decided immediately that even if the man was killed, the woman would be snatched.
Killing that man is very simple and not as painful as you might imagine. Anyway, if you want to rob a woman, you must kill a man first. But when I want to kill people, I use a big knife at the waist. You don’t need a big knife when you kill people. You can kill people with power, money or even a false public or private order. Of course, you guys don’t bleed when you kill people, they’re still alive and well… But you did kill people. To compare whose sins are serious, are you evil or me? That’s impossible to tell. (a sneering smile).
However, I would not be dissatisfied if I could not kill men and rob women. Oh, to be honest, I was going to try not to kill men and rob women. However, in that Shanke street, there is no way to work. So I used a trick to lure the couple into the mountains.
It’s also easy. When I accompanied the couple, I said to them that there was an ancient grave in that hill. When I opened the grave, I found that there were many ancient mirror knives in it. I hid them secretly in the bamboo forest behind the hill. If someone wanted them, I would sell them cheaply. The man listened to me and was moved. Then… OK? Is desire terrible? In less than half an hour, the couple turned the horse’s head to the mountain road with me.
As soon as I got to the bamboo grove, I said that the treasure was hidden in it. Come in and see it. At that time, the man was hungry with desire, and naturally there would be no objection. However, the woman said that she would not dismount and wait in place. No wonder, of course, she would hesitate to see the bamboo grove flourishing. To tell you the truth, women do that, and I’m pregnant, so I leave a woman alone and go into the bamboo forest with a man.
Bamboo forests were all bamboo at first, but after walking about 50 meters, it was a slightly wider fir bush… This is the most appropriate place to finish my work. I pulled out the bamboo grove and lied about the treasure in a very serious way and buried it under the fir tree in front of me. The man listened to me and could not wait to move desperately toward the lean fir gap.
Soon, the bamboo gradually thinned out, and then several juxtaposed fir trees appeared in front of me… As soon as I entered, I twisted the man to the ground. That man is a knife-wearing man, and he is quite strong. But he was suddenly attacked by me. Of course, he can’t stand up. Soon, I was tied to the root of a fir tree. Do you say rope? The rope is used as a tool for thieves to climb over the fence sometime, so it’s always on the waist. In order not to let him ask for advice, of course, I filled his mouth with bamboo leaves. There was nothing else to bother him.
I put the man in order, and then came back to the woman and said to her, your man is like a sudden illness, come and see. I don’t need to say much this time. Of course, women are in the middle of the game. The woman took off her hat and let me hold hands and go deep into the bamboo forest. But when I went in, I saw a man tied to the root of a fir tree… The woman did not know when she had pulled out a knife from her bosom to stand by. As soon as she saw it, she pulled out the handle of the knife. I have never met a woman with such a fierce personality in my life. If I had been unprepared, I might have been punctured in the lower abdomen on the spot. No, even if I dodged the knife and chopped like her, I really didn’t know what part of my body would be injured. Nevertheless, I was also a well-known doxoruble. I did not need to pull out a big knife, but I finally knocked her knife down. No matter how tough a woman is, she can’t do it without weapons. In this way, I finally possessed the woman as I wished without taking the man’s life.
You don’t have to take a man’s life… Yes. I had no intention of killing a man at all. But when I abandoned the woman crying on the ground and tried to escape from the bamboo forest, the woman suddenly grasped my arm like madness. After listening carefully, I learned that she was crying intermittently: either you die, or let my husband die, one of you must die, or make me look ugly in front of two men, which is more painful than asking me to die!
She also said that no matter who died or who lived, she should be one of the living wives… She panted and said so. When I heard her say that, the idea of killing a man sprang up. (gloomy excitement)
If I say so, you will surely think that I am crueller than you. But that’s because you didn’t see the woman’s expression at the time. Especially the woman’s fiery eyes. When I looked at a woman in four eyes, I decided at the moment that I would snatch her as my wife even if she was hit by a thunderstorm. There was only one idea in my mind at that time… I want this woman to be my wife. This idea is not the despicable lust you imagine. If I had no other hope than lust, I thought I would have chosen to flee even if I had kicked down a woman. That way, a man doesn’t have to stain his blood on my big knife.
But in that dark bamboo grove, the moment I gazed at the woman, I realized that I must kill the man, otherwise it would be impossible to leave here.
But I didn’t want to kill the man in a mean way. I untied the rope from the man and told him to fight with me with a knife (the rope that was forgotten at that time was thrown under the roots of the fir tree). The man changed his face and pulled out his knife. As soon as the knife was drawn out, he rushed at me indignantly without saying a word. I don’t need to explain more about the result of knife fight. My big knife, in the twenty-third round, pierced the other side’s chest. In the twenty-third round… Please don’t forget that. I still think this is the only thing that men admire. Because I can hand in twenty-three rounds with the only man in the world. (a happy smile)
When the man fell to the ground, I went back to look for a woman with a knife dyed with blood. Don’t you know… Can you imagine that? The woman did not know where she was going. I searched the bamboo grove to find out where the woman was going. But there is no trace left on the bamboo leaves. Even if you listen, you can only hear the dying breath coming from the man’s throat on the ground.
Maybe that woman got out of the bamboo grove and fled for help as early as we had just pulled out our knives. When I think about it, I find that my life is in danger. I snatch the big knife and bow and arrow from the man and hurry back to the original mountain road. The woman’s horse is still quietly grazing. After that, it will take a lot of trouble to tell you what happened. In addition, before I entered the capital, I had sold my knife. That’s the end of my confession. Anyway, my head will have to hang on the top of the tree one day. Just put me to death.