Google paid a fine of $550 million in France to end a four-year tax investigation

The French Financial Prosecutor’s Office said today that Google had agreed to pay France a fine of 500 million euros ($548 million) to end a financial fraud investigation that began four years ago, Reuters reported.
Previously, French investigators had been investigating whether Google had concealed some of its business activities in France for tax avoidance purposes. In most European countries, Google pays only a small tax because it attributes almost all revenue in the European market to its Irish subsidiary.
France, Britain and other countries have long complained about tax evasion by technology companies such as Google in Europe. In February 2017, the French government asked Google to pay 1.6 billion euros ($1.79 billion) in taxes. In May, French police and tax officials raided Google’s French headquarters.
Antonin Levy, a lawyer at Google, said about the settlement with the French government today: “This settlement agreement will resolve all past disputes between the two sides at once.”