Luzikuan fattening father: My birthday gift to my father is bone marrow

We have previously reported that Lu Zikuan, an 11-year-old boy from Henan Province, began to overeat for three months to gain weight in order to donate bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells to his father.
Today, Luzikuan’s weight finally meets the doctor’s requirements. On September 9 and 10, he donated bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells to his father, respectively. Having waited for half a year to save his father, he finally realized his wish.
“I will make myself fat!”
Lu Yanheng, Lu Zikuan’s father, suffered from leukemia seven years ago. For several years, Lu Yanheng has been maintained by drugs. However, since August last year, Lu Yanheng’s health has deteriorated, and his illness can not be alleviated by taking drugs. He can only be maintained by blood transfusion. Doctors recommend bone marrow transplantation as soon as possible. After inspection, the whole family only had Lu Zikuan and Lu Yanheng successfully matched.
Faced with such a result, Lu Yanheng resolutely disagreed and constantly said that he would give up treatment. “The child’s life is just beginning, can’t drag him down!”
But Lu Zikuan’s attitude was just the opposite to his father’s. He was firm from the beginning. When he heard that he had to reach a certain standard of weight to be a donor, he patted his chest and said, “I’m sure I’ll make myself fat!”
At that time, Luzi’s weight was only 60 kilograms, which was at least 30 kilograms higher than the requirement of bone marrow donation. So from March this year, Lu Zikuan “fattening and saving his father” to prepare for bone marrow transplantation.
A large pot of roast meat, fried eggs, a large glass of milk, which is the amount of a meal wide road. The way to eat a big meal is wide. Often we are full. We have to stuff a few more mouthfuls of meat so that we can gain weight quickly.
Luzikuan fattening father: My birthday gift to my father is bone marrow
Three meals a day to eat stomach distension, before going to bed to eat another bowl of instant noodles. Too bad to eat, he put down his chopsticks and slowed down… “He can’t count out a few meals every day, as long as he feels he can eat them.” Lu Zikuan’s mother saw that her son was suffering from eating, and was sad but helpless.
Lu Zikuan’s daily “binge eating” motivation is to weigh in the morning. Every one or two kilograms of weight gain is a step closer to saving his father.
His father Lu Yanheng’s microblog recorded his son’s fattening process, from gaining weight to losing his clothes to crushing the meat at the root of his thighs when he walked.
Eventually, the weight of Luzikuan met the requirement. When Lu Zikuan was hospitalized for surgery, the family members of the patients in the corridor of the blood ward would see him and say, “This donor is really in good shape.”
September 9 is Luyan Heng’s day of bone marrow harvesting, but also his birthday. With tears in his eyes, Lu Yanheng in the sterile warehouse published a circle of friends: “My son gave me a precious birthday gift… Thank my son for all he has done for me. Zikuan looked at it and said, “My birthday gift to my father is bone marrow.”
Lu Yanheng may not know that Zikuan admires him very much. Dad with wide eyes can ride a motorcycle and repair a lot of things. Speaking of his father, Lu Zikuan was full of pride.
The operation started at 8:30 a.m. for more than five hours. Bone marrow aspiration from the waist was painful, but the road was wide and firm. After collecting 500 milliliters of bone marrow, Lu Zikuan sat in a wheelchair and carried his blood transfusion bag. Although his eyes were swollen, Lu Zikuan still smiled.
On the morning of September 9, Lu Zikuan donated bone marrow
After Luzikuan donated bone marrow in the hospital, the bone marrow was transplanted into Dad Luyanheng’s body that day. On the 10th, he donated hematopoietic stem cells to his father. Luzikuan’s wish to save his father, which had been waiting for half a year, was finally realized.
“The road is wide, the road will be wide in the future!”
After the story of boy Lu Zikuan’s “fattening and saving his father” was reported, netizens praised him one after another.