Zhang Ziyi’s pregnancy state

Recently, Zhang Ziyi started her busy work as the president of the jury of Tokyo International Film Festival. The latest vlog revealed the state of her work and life. She wrote, “may we work with endless light! May we all live as we want!”
What is Zhang Ziyi’s state of pregnancy? Daughter wake up and don’t be afraid of mother’s “grimace”
Recently, she shared the good news of pregnancy. After work, she insisted on exercise and took a walk after meals every day.
What is Zhang Ziyi’s state of pregnancy? Daughter wake up and don’t be afraid of mother’s “grimace”
Zhang Ziyi and her daughter celebrate Halloween
It’s Halloween. Zhang Ziyi bought the “devil” mask to wake up. She didn’t expect to wake up without fear. She also made faces with her mother. The mother daughter interaction was very warm.
Extended reading: Zhang Ziyi admits that having a second child is the “most beautiful pregnant woman” of this film festival
In recent half a year, rumors about Zhang Ziyi having a second child have been heard all the time. However curious the outside world is, Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi keep their mouths shut and don’t respond to the second child. Until recently, Zhang Ziyi emerged with a pregnant stomach, the mystery was revealed.
Zhang Ziyi admits that having a second child is the “most beautiful pregnant woman” of the festival
On October 28, the 32nd Tokyo International Film Exhibition opened, and Zhang Ziyi attended the opening ceremony of the festival as the jury of the competition unit of the festival. On that day, she painted exquisite makeup and glowed, wearing a black loose one-piece dress, but still could not block the protruding pregnant belly.
From the photos taken, it seems that Zhang Ziyi’s black clothes are very powerful. When taking photos, she has been carefully protecting her stomach. Even the black thin belly can’t stop it. It should look like seven or eight months.
However, Zhang Ziyi’s good complexion can’t be stopped during pregnancy. During pregnancy, she obviously did a good job in the management of her body and skin. In recent photos, she painted red lips and heavy makeup. Her skin was tender and clean, and her face didn’t get fat. She was still able to fight. She was called the “most beautiful pregnant woman” of this film festival.
As a film festival judge, Zhang Ziyi is calm and confident. The baby in her belly has not affected her performance at all. It is still the most striking presence in the whole audience. Without any accident, Zhang Ziyi is also the first female star in the history of red carpet who has a pregnant stomach.
It’s worth mentioning that Zhang Ziyi is standing like Luo pregnant belly. She is also walking on a pair of black hateful shoes, walking steadily as flat as the ground, with a strong atmosphere, which is worthy of the “international chapter”.
It’s said that the female star is a very magical creature. Now it seems that it’s true. Zhang Ziyi hasn’t gained weight in other places except for her big belly. Just a few days ago, Zhang Ziyi took a photo with her friend Ang Lee. In the photo, Zhang Ziyi painted red lips and flat abdomen. It doesn’t look like she was pregnant at all.
In just a few days, Zhang Ziyi’s pregnant belly has changed again, and it seems that the month is already full. This time, the hearsay media about Zhang Ziyi’s pregnancy has finally been confirmed, and there is another new member in the family.
Both Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng are looking forward to the second child. In the previous romantic journey of his wife, Zhang Ziyi revealed that she hopes to have a baby again, “one can be held in one hand at that time”. Now she is almost four years old. Zhang Ziyi also has more energy to regenerate a treasure to accompany her.
However, Zhang Ziyi is 40 years old this year, and she is also an old woman. But because most of her husband Wang Feng’s children are girls, Zhang Ziyi hopes to help Wang Feng realize his dream and give birth to a boy, and Zhang Ziyi is really struggling at the risk of an old woman.
It’s believed that Zhang Ziyi’s second baby will be born soon, but I don’t know if I can fulfill my wish to have a baby boy this time?