Captain Guilin revokes his license

Guilin airlines announced the punishment result: 8 people were punished, 6 people were grounded, the captain involved or the license was revoked
In addition to punishing the relevant responsible person, or additional punishments such as reducing the capacity of Guilin airlines will be taken.
On November 5, Guilin Airlines issued a notice of punishment, announcing the punishment results of the relevant responsible person for the violation of “passengers entering the cockpit” on January 4 this year.
The 21st century economic news reporter noted that in this circular, 14 relevant responsible persons were punished to varying degrees, among which the captain on duty was grounded, and in the future, his / her flight license would be revoked by CAAC, and he / she would be grounded for life.
At present, Civil Aviation Administration of China has not yet punished the violations of Guilin airlines.
However, the civil aviation industry insiders interviewed by the 21st century economic report believe that the possible punishment measures in the future are not only to punish the relevant responsible person, but also to reduce the transportation capacity of Guilin airlines.
Captain or grounded for life
On November 3, the Internet revealed that a female passenger entered the cockpit illegally to take photos during a flight of Guilin Airlines; on November 4, Guilin Airlines said that through self-examination, it was found that the incident occurred in January 2019; on November 5, Guilin airlines announced the punishment result of the incident.
Eight of the company’s management were punished, Xu Xin, chairman of Guilin aviation, was given a serious warning, safety director and general manager of the flight department were given major demerit recording and dismissed respectively. In addition, the above eight were also punished with different degrees of performance salary deduction.
Six of the crew members on duty were punished. In addition to the major demerit recorded by the captain on duty, Guilin airlines also said that it would “simultaneously communicate with the CAAC to propose to revoke its flight license and suspend the flight for life”. The remaining five crew members were grounded for 12 months, and their technical level was reduced.
According to the public information, Guilin Airlines was jointly established by Guilin municipal government and HNA Group in June 2015 with a registered capital of 600 million yuan. Currently, based in Guilin, it has opened routes to multiple cities in China.
As of 2018, Guilin Airlines has expanded its fleet to 11, with 49 routes and 44 navigable cities. At the beginning of 2019, the company said that the cumulative flight normal rate of Guilin Airlines reached 81.56%, which was higher than the national average of 1.43%; in 2018, the passenger traffic volume was nearly 1.7 million, and there was no unsafe event of corporate liability accident or above.