A fire broke out in Bengbu, Anhui Province

On the morning of November 15, a fire broke out near the railway station in Bengbu City, Anhui Province. According to Bengbu daily, the location of the fire was on the first and second floors of building 851 in the west of the Railway Hotel. At 9:10 a.m., the open fire in the burning commercial and residential building was out, and there were fire-fighting and casual clothes workers walking in the corridor on the third floor. There are more than ten fire trucks, two water guns to cool down and smoke, and two 120 ambulances on standby. At 9:27, many people were rescued at the scene, and the search and rescue was still in progress.
At 9:30 a.m., Bengbu Fire Department issued a fire report, saying that at 6:57 on November 15, the command center of Bengbu fire brigade received an alarm that the front room opposite the new Dong’an hotel was on fire and many people were trapped. The municipal fire brigade immediately dispatched 13 fire trucks from 5 squadrons to the rescue. At 7:50, the open fire was put out. Firefighters then search to see if there are any trapped people. According to the field survey, there are 5 single facade rooms which are over fire, and the second floor is partially spread. A total of 21 people were rescued at the scene. One of them was injured when escaping from the building in the early stage. There was no life danger after being sent to the hospital.
Red Star News reporter called Bengbu fire brigade, the staff replied that the cause of the fire is under investigation, subject to the notification.