Red-eyed confidants of workers

The laborer has a confidant, but out of jealousy, I always call her a confidant with red eyes.
Labor knows her. It has a long history. It is the friendship of revolution and the friendship of battle. It is beyond comprehension for me to moan and moan without illness. Although we met the laborer almost at the same time, the laborer did not choose her as a lifelong companion for many reasons.
It was the spring and summer season of 89, and the laborers, together with a fellow student, were fighting against the ~ ~ ~ Pig ~ ~ flag north to Beijing. In front of the T~A gate, they were shouting slogans and sitting quietly, at least for 1 weeks. In the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ square, the workers knew the dirty clothes and the poor girl. She felt under the banner of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her boyfriend at that time lived next door to my labor dormitory. She is studying in Beijing for Beijinger Medical Sciences, but does her major seem to be library management irrelevant to doctors?
One night before the cessation, the laborer rescued her, took her hand and said, “Hefei with me, find your love.” It’s too unsafe here. So they snuggled together and boarded the crowded train. It is said that the carriage is full of students who do not ticket, and the carriage is full of grumble. Two poor students who have not sat down, treat each other as two candles in winter. You are near me, I am near you. Later, the laborer said to himself that he had no difficulty in getting a newspaper, kicking the people around him with his toes, and letting her sit down like an umbrella, covering her head. Rage! Later, we went to Beijing together, and it was so crowded. He slept like a child in my arms all the way. He didn’t wake up for more than 10 hours, which made my legs swollen like hammers. It was really unfair for NND! No pity for the jade. I’m still several years younger than that red eye!
The laborer took her to her boyfriend’s dormitory first. At that time, the campus of HKUST was very withered, people scattered like birds and beasts, and there was no one in the dormitory in the morning, so the laborers had to take her home to rest. Mother-in-law is very kind, Zhang Luo let her take a bath and eat, change into her mother-in-law’s clothes, and wash her dirty clothes. Mother-in-law says sleep, wait until the clothes are dry before you get up.
Red-eyed, full and drunk, thanked him gently, and then said in silence, “I’m going back.” The laborer accompanied her around the nearby garden and then took her on the train.
Originally very plain story, the problem is that the follow-up lasts for decades.
Red-eyed returned first to send a letter of thanks, the workers answered a letter that should be, are suffering. Red-eyed and sent letters, saying miss, labor said sympathy, you are in my heart. Later, letters became frequent, complaining with red eyes and crying, saying that her heartless boyfriend, when she traveled thousands of miles to visit, had traveled with other girls and had a very close relationship. The laborers follow suit, sentimental, to pull back the sails of life.
Unmindful, I killed Cheng Bingyin halfway. My sister Lin fell from the sky. Before she made up her mind to start her life under the red eye, the laborer first confessed to her, saying that she had quickly opened the sail of a new life, and sent her my sweet pieces, which hurt her red eyes a lot. Red-eyed say, forget it, henceforth become confidant bar! A lover should break up and a confidant will be forever. So this little fellow became the itch of my marriage, and it was always hard to scratch.
She was happy to send a card greetings, sad to write a lyric poem to the emotional, anyway, the card letter does not mention my existence. I seem to be more tolerant, no matter what she says, how affectionate, I pretend not to know, ignore. I think, anyway, it’s too far apart to reach the whip. What else can you do besides sighing?
But the enemy situation is complex, the situation is changing. Five years later, one day, the laborer went to Beijing on business, and the two met in a cafe at the entrance of the hospital where she worked. I don’t know what I talked about, but when I came back, I broke a long relationship and renewed it. Labor is a big horse, carelessly throw love letters on the table at home, I found out, took out a look, sin, and instantly angry heart. MMD, this relationship has progressed. What is a five-year agreement between the two people that will last forever? It seemed that the passionate laborer was dizzy. He promised her to give her a look every five years, to think about each other and to tell her about the hardship of life.
Because it is to peep at the personal letters of the laborers, I tremble like a cockroach burglar, trying to question, but dare not. Everyone who says well keeps his private space. Think of his daring to peek at my love letter, I must beat him with feather duster, just take a breath and watch the change quietly.
They procrastinated for several months, because the workers were lazy, they soon lost their development. I laugh behind my back, hum, I don’t believe you guys, the sea is dry and rocky, the vicissitudes of life!
When it’s okay, tease him about the past hazy changes, listen to him miss the brilliance of the revolution, look at the current disappointment, love in heart. I think, human life is like duckweed floating in the sea, every day will change. I’d rather he had a surge of emotion and the excitement of teenagers than the helplessness of reality.
In 1999, when he was going abroad and everything was ready, he suddenly became restless. Suddenly, he said, I’m going to the north to see my good friends in Tianjin and my aunts and grandmothers in Beijing. My heart suddenly realized that this year seems to be the tenth year? Grandma, I think he misses Grandma Red Eye. My parents-in-law strongly opposed it, hoping to share with my son every day in the country. I do not speak, see him every day depressed mood, occasionally sitting at the bedside silent, they went to the station to buy him tickets, the door shouted to his mother-in-law, at night he took me to see a film, pulled him out, pushed him on the 64 express, suddenly remembered before boarding the car, took out all the money, said: “Now the credit card may still be inconvenient, in case you can not take it out, you remember to take money from my aunt’s grandmother’s house.” In front of the railway station of the Labor Station, I want to stop talking. Suddenly, I said, “No, I’ll accompany you.” I laughed and said that you would accompany me for a lifetime. Whether it was time or not, you should go to see your aunt and blink happily with him.
Home to my mother-in-law scolded the dog blood spray head, said that you indulge him, your brain a mud, you do not know why his soul flew to Beijing, so that tea do not want to eat? You pushed him to the brink of crime! After that, I covered my mouth in horror and realized that I had betrayed my son. I’m also shocked! “My mother! You know his five-year contract?!” My mother-in-law cried out, saying that after half a day you still understand.
TNND, a foolish laborer, thinks that he has a big secret. Every one in his family has a third eye and sees it all.
When the laborers came back, they reported to the Beijing party and took out small gifts to fool me, huh! It’s out of my sight. Of course, his report was concealed. Forget it. It’s been ten years. Let’s do it again.
I was a little KGB, washing his clothes and turning over his wallet. Sure enough, I turned over the bill of the coffee shop outside the hospital, smoothed it, and solemnly collected it in the treasure book of my life diary. With the one five years ago. One by one, prices are rising so fast! _ The first two cups of coffee cost only 15 yuan. Now why are they all 36 yuan? I wonder if I can still get it? If the shop collapses, it’s a pity that we can’t show him the red-eyed deposit slip when the laborer gets old.
Labor went abroad, every day sent N flattery to miss, numbness to make my heart tremble. For many years he did not confess, as soon as he went out, it seemed that he was afraid of breaking the line, which made me panic and hurried to take some comfort in the past.
The kid had no experience and had to show me the letters on the desk. It was a severe test of my curiosity. I admit that I couldn’t help peeping because I wasn’t as calm as I had shown. If you don’t look at it, you jump up again at first sight. What a Kuang Li choke! _ What’s more, I was mentioned in this letter, which said, “If I’m not happy one day, I want you to kick your wife and keep the second half of the past with me.” Now it’s a blatant challenge! The more I think about it, the more angry I am. I defend your feelings like this. How could you kick me like this? With a runny nose, tears and torn faces, we should leave quickly. Don’t trample on me as rubbish when you are all trained!
The laborer scraped my nose, laughed and said, “You little rubbish, I’m going to carry it for 10,000 years and 10,000 years.” People should have a sense of responsibility, littering is a bad habit, in case of smashing flowers and plants how to do? Don’t mess around. Next time, read my letter. Watch out for torture and eye-digging!
It is estimated that next year will be another five-year anniversary, I secretly make bad, can go, take a small tail to break her miss. Never thought that the red-eyed laborers moved faster than I did. Red-eyed recently sent another letter saying that the party was coming again, but this time, I may bring a little bit, congratulations!