IKEA drawer kills boy

The boy, Joseph Dudek, lives in Buena Park, California. He was only two years old when his family’s malm three drawer cupboard collapsed on him in 2017. His parents sued IKEA the following year, accusing IKEA of knowing that the series of drawers and wardrobes were at risk of toppling and had previously resulted in the death or injury of several children, but failing to remind consumers that the furniture had to be fixed to the wall with parts for use.
The settlement requires IKEA to meet with the safety advocacy group “parents against dumping” to let more consumers know about the problem furniture recall, said Dudek’s parent lawyer. In addition, Dudek’s parents will donate US $1 million (RMB 6.966 million) from the compensation to organizations advocating stricter stability testing of the wardrobe.
IKEA said in a statement it was working on “this very important family safety issue.”.
This is not the first time IKEA has made compensation for injuries caused by its “problem drawers”. In a settlement in 2016, IKEA agreed to pay a total of $50 million (about rmb348 million) to the families of three American children killed by “problem drawers”.
In June 2016, IKEA announced a recall of 35 million MALLM series lockers and dressers in North America, but the recall did not involve China. After an interview with AQSIQ, IKEA announced the recall of 1.66 million malm and other series drawers sold in China from 1999 to 2016.
So, no matter at home or in public, the most important thing to eliminate the hidden danger of cabinet dumping is fixation!