Virus or long-term coexistence with human

[global network comprehensive report]

CCTV news channel “news 1 + 1” today’s epidemic analysis, host Bai Yansong connected Wang Chen, vice president of Chinese Academy of engineering and respiratory and critical medical expert. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a possibility for us to prepare for the long-term coexistence with the new crown virus, Wang Chen said. This possibility exists completely. We should be prepared for it.
Bai Yansong: in recent days, some people are also concerned about SARS. It seems that SARS has suddenly come and gone again. It seems that it has completely disappeared. So in the face of the new coronavirus this time, do we want it to “go”, but on the other hand, we also need to be prepared to coexist with it for a long time, so how can we coexist? Is it possible?
Wang Chen: there is such a possibility. Because SARS has strong transmissibility and pathogenicity, so does its virus. For such a virus with strong transmissibility and pathogenicity, it is not easy to survive and continue to spread in humans. Either kill the host, and it’s gone. And like this disease novel coronavirus pneumonia is a chronic disease that can be seen in the world as a flu. This possibility exists completely. We should be prepared for it. That is to say, from the aspect of epidemiology, from the aspect of Virology, from the aspect of biology, from the aspect of clinical prevention and treatment, from the aspect of production and life, we should make corresponding arrangements for the characteristics of the disease and the pathogen.
Bai Yansong: that means that our related scientific research is particularly important. It’s not the problem of “water is not near thirsty”, but the problem of “hope it goes”, but also prepare for long-term coexistence?
Wang Chen: Yes. The most powerful productive force for the prevention and control of this disease must come from scientific research, the understanding of scientific laws and the invention and discovery of scientific methods.