Acne in asymptomatic patients

The two main symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus are persistent cough and fever, requiring self isolation. However, there are no symptoms of infection, how to know whether they carry the virus? Spanish medical experts found novel coronavirus pneumonia is a “early warning signal” for new crown pneumonia.
Purple lesions on toes of patients with new coronavirus
According to the mirror on April 14, the General Council of Spanish Academy of podology issued a statement, saying that it has found “a large number of cases” of foot damage in Italy, France and Spain.
Experts said it was a “strange discovery” that dermatologists and podiatrists had witnessed. The symptoms have been detected especially in adolescents and children infected with the new coronavirus, but some adults also have foot lesions.
“They are purple lesions (very similar to chicken pox, measles or frostbite) that usually appear on the toes and heal without leaving any trace,” the statement said
“The podiatrist committee urges vigilance as this may be a sign that a new coronavirus has been detected and can help avoid infection.”
A large number of cases have been found in Italy, France and Spain
Local media reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia and disease could be diagnosed as early signs of new crown virus and would help asymptomatic patients.
However, experts say that due to the short time, there is still no full scientific evidence, and the investigation is still in progress. “
Earlier, the International Federation of podiatrists reported a 13-year-old boy’s foot lesions, which is one of the first cases of such symptoms.
The teenager was initially thought to have been bitten by spiders, but later developed typical symptoms of the new coronavirus. The doctor found that his sister and mother had fever, cough and dyspnea six days before their feet became diseased.
Dr Sarah Jarvis, general practitioner and clinical director of, said: “we know that many infections are related to the high risk of various intravascular clots. These foot symptoms may be due to blood clots blocking the blood supply to the small vessels in the foot. Scientists will find out. “
Scientists break down typical new coronavirus symptoms on a daily basis
Other new studies have also found that more and more asymptomatic young patients are losing their sense of smell and taste.
Professor Nirmal Kumar, chairman of ENT UK, a British body of otolaryngologists, said that anyone with dysosmia should be isolated immediately, even if there is no sign of other diseases.
“If young patients don’t have cough and fever symptoms, they may lose their sense of smell and taste, indicating that the new coronavirus is’ boarding ‘in the nose.”