What color is the new coronavirus

Novel coronavirus pneumonia video seminar was held novel coronavirus pneumonia in April 15th, and the mission was jointly organized by the mission of the European Union, Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg. The new Shanghai crown disease prevention group was invited by the head of Shanghai medical expert group of new crown pneumonia and Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of infectious diseases Department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University.
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What color is the new coronavirus
Zhang Wenhong: black and white
During the Q & a period, some questions were raised: the reports of children’s infection and even death in Europe and the United States were frequently reported in the newspapers. Does the medical community have the latest judgment on this kind of population infection? Another kid asked, what color is the new coronavirus?
Zhang Wenhong said: Children’s infection will not become serious, but there is no serious disease in Shanghai. On the whole, the risk is relatively low. But it’s not because the risk is low that we are exposed at will. We should protect it well.
The new coronavirus is the outer layer of protein, which contains a package of genes, very small. All the viruses I have seen are black and white, because they can only be seen under the electron microscope.
There are mild patients among the co tenants
Zhang Wenhong: suggest starting early and going dark
Ren Qizhi, director of the all Dutch university and student of Wageningen University, asked: Recently, a Dutch student was diagnosed with mild illness. According to the regulations of the Dutch health department, the hospital arranged him to be isolated (living alone) in his own home (located in the student apartment building). Dozens of Chinese students living in the same apartment building have great concerns. What’s Professor Zhang’s advice for overseas students? There are also some students who share the same apartment (single bedroom, shared kitchen and bathroom). If there are confirmed light patients among the co tenants and they are arranged to be isolated at home, how should the other co tenants do their best to prevent infection?
Zhang Wenhong said that the new coronavirus is spread by respiratory droplets. As long as we do not share chopsticks, we will not be infected by sharing the kitchen. As long as all the food is cooked, it is not infectious. In addition, as long as the washing machine is dried, there is no risk of infection.
Zhang Wenhong suggested that international students should “start early and work late” and use the kitchen in a wrong way with their roommates. Do not pile up and keep a social distance.
What is the trend of the epidemic in Europe
Zhang Wenhong: normalization
Ambassador Zhang Ming, head of the mission to the European Union, said in his lecture that what will happen to the epidemic situation in Europe next?
In response, Zhang said: The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium are all ranked in the top 10 countries with the most serious epidemic in Europe. I think the epidemic will be normalized next. Everyone should be prepared for normalization.
Zhang Wenhong said that with the adoption of social distance, I believe that the peak of European epidemic will come. The peak of Britain and France has come, though not like the precipice of Wuhan, because they did not take complete social distance and complete isolation of patients.
When does the outbreak end? Zhang Wenhong said that novel coronavirus pneumonia is not possible in the short term. We should get used to the normalization of new crown pneumonia and do our work well in normalizing. Habit is good, not ostrich. So we need to balance well and watch the epidemic while working.