The Gap between Reading and Not Reading

In recent days, as soon as we open the circle of micro-mail friends on our mobile phones, we can always be brushed by the event of protecting the rights of Mercedes-Benz by female graduate students in Xi’an. It is said that a graduate student in Xi’an bought a Mercedes-Benz car as her 30th birthday gift in 4S shop. The total price of the car was 660,000. But the female graduate student paid a down payment of more than 200,000 yuan after buying it. She drove to leave. Before the car left 4S shop, the Mercedes-Benz car began to leak. This female graduate student repeatedly asked the store to give a statement, which was rejected by the store for various reasons. So she was forced to climb up the hood to defend her rights, in order that 4S shop could reason with her and give her a clear answer. After more than 20 days of network fermentation, she finally met the senior managers of 4S stores and the leaders of various units. As a result, an 18-minute video of a negotiation between a female graduate student and an executive in a 4S store was exposed, which was uploaded by Wechat in recent days.
From the so-called 18-minute video uploaded on Wechat these days, we can easily see that girls are a very good language organizer. In the video, the female graduate student’s mouth tells about the following points. First, the engine leaks before the car leaves 4S shop. Second, “Big Brother, I didn’t leave the car, the engine leaked, you told me three packages, give me a free engine change, do you think it’s appropriate?” Third, it’s no mistake to change the engine without driving a kilometer. Really change the engine, even used cars can’t sell, why should I accept?”From the three sentences of female graduate students, sentence is the key point, three sentences are all. Keeping close to the core, she has something to say and directly grasps the key points. She is not like a bitch scolding the street. Her success lies in not only expressing her demands reasonably, but also winning the support of the crowd and netizens with one sentence. “I’m a culturally educated person, but it makes me feel that my decades of education has been greatly humiliated,” she said. Her sentence has been widely publicized on the Internet. While people sympathize with her experience, they also feel that good people like this will be forced into a different kind by bad people. And we, as the neighbours, are unwilling to see such things happen to us or to see such things happen to society. As consumers, we all have the right to safeguard our own rights and interests, and this female graduate student used her decades of knowledge, her own positive energy, and her own unique way of handling, properly carried out this matter, legitimately safeguarding their own consumer rights and interests.
From the video exposure of 18 minutes’negotiation between female graduate students and senior managers of 4S stores, we can’t help but lament that the gap between reading and not reading is really too big. In female graduate students, we see a talented student with clear logical thinking ability and excellent expressive ability. She relies on her own wisdom and ability to speak. All this is because she is a graduate student, she is a talented student, she is a cultured person, she is a person with connotation! The gap between reading and not reading is evident in this female graduate student. In our side, we can always see some people quarrel with others because of certain things, but the way of quarrelling of the people who have not read books is different from the way of quarrelling of this female graduate student. Most of them, like bitches, keep clamoring at the beginning, and their mouths can be described with a dirty word. On the contrary, the quarrel of female graduate students came out of her mouth without any dirty words, and was replaced by witty words. Even the quarrel was quite beautiful. It turned out that the gap between reading and not reading was so big that people who did not read could not even win a quarrel. From the point of view of female graduate students, it is the gap between reading and not reading that tells us that reading is so important. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t study well? The answer is no, even the writer Long Yingtai once said to her children like this: “Child, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but because I hope you will in the future. Have the right to choose, choose meaningful, time-consuming jobs, rather than being forced to make a living.” Thus, the importance of reading and the benefits of reading are too much. Throughout the ages, how many successful benevolents and their successes have a great relationship with their love of reading in their youth. Our great Premier Zhou Enlai loved reading from an early age and was determined to study for the rise of China from an early age. Later, Premier Zhou’s great achievements in his life are well known to all. So many examples tell us that we should study hard, strive hard, enrich ourselves with cultural and scientific knowledge, be a wise and connotative person, and be a useful person to society. Even if one day, we are forced to fight to defend our legitimate interests like this female graduate student, we can also fight a beautiful and wonderful oral battle, and have the same courage and courage as female graduate students to face all kinds of people.